Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am a scoliosis nerd…

I found I had scoliosis when I was in elementary school during one of those awkward wear a sports bra moments so you can touch your toes for a complete strange.  Turns out I was the only one that had to be referred to a specialist.  It was fun back then to say I had scoliosis because the word is so weird, but not so cool now.  While I was pregnant and definitely now, I have had lots of back pain, which is partly due to having a baby and everything that goes with a baby- like bags, car seats, toys,  more laundry, strollers, etc… but I know some of it is related to the scoliosis. 

To cut some of the ramblings out I will get to the point.  I went to the scoliosis clinic at Baylor in Plano and got x-rays.  We are trying to find my old records from 12 years ago to see if it has progressed because if it has it will be something we will need to watch and if it hasn’t then we are figuring out ways to manage the pain.  But for y’alls amusement here is a picture of a normal spine and then mine!  I feel like I might as well have put a naked picture of me on here… pretty weird those x-rays.   And let me add a lesbian took it.  Uncomfortable…

Normal straight spine- not mine!


Freaky curved spine- mine!

PA SCOLI 1-4-10

Clay finally believes me when I say my back hurts now!  About time! 

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Debbie said...

Oh my!! It hurts just to look at it! Ouch!