Tuesday, January 26, 2010

9 Months!

Happy 9 months to Lola.  When she turns an age like 9 months, it seems big because it’s a change in clothes size- although she wears 18 months so I guess it doesn’t matter… I’ll update what the doctor says and weight this weekend!

On to what I love about Lola at 9 months of age:

  • I love that she says “Dada” at least five times an hour and says “Mama”…. oh wait…. she doesn’t say “Mama!” LOL She has only said it a handful of times, but I am patiently waiting… She always says “Bubu” which I keep telling her, “Lola, you don’t have a bubu yet!”
  • Lola loves Chick-fil-A and I love that!  She eats nuggets and drinks apple juice when we go!

011 (6)

  • My newest favorite thing is how she runs from us.  She can waddle crawl so fast and I love how tickled she gets when we say “I’m gonna’ get you!”
  • This girl LOVES books and she has her favorites!  I love that I can pick her out a book based off her preferences and bring it home and sure enough- she loves it!  Who would have thought a would buy books?  Haha- don’t worry I’ll be buying crayons just as soon as she won’t eat them! 045 - Copy
  • She is fearless.  She is walking some now and loves going from one object to another.  She loves hanging upside down and being thrown high in the air.  Don’t call CPS- the girl just loves stuff like this… It won’t surprise me if she jumps out of an airplane one day.  089 - Copy

(Lola walking down our hallway naked… I didn’t know she was going to walk and I was just taking pictures of her standing up!)

113 (2)

  • During the day when it’s just us two, I love how she comes and gets me to tell me something.  She’ll cry and reach for me when she’s ready for a nap, she’ll pull on her pants if she wants them off, she’ll bring me a book to read to her… it is just amazing. 
  • About this age babies learn to point at things of interest to them, but not Lola… typical things of interest to her include babies and children and instead of pointing she yells at them.  I try and tell her, “Say Hi” but she looses all ability to wave and just yells.  It’s a funny yell, not like a tantrum, just a “Hey, YOU! Talk to me!”  Then she grins with every part of her face. 
  • I love that she always kisses her reflection!049 - Copy


More Pictures…

Well here are some pictures because I finally found my camera cord… some are pretty old…

I feel like the girls look so old here!  Just hanging out and playing!


Lola was real into Laura at our park play date. She had sunglasses on, big earrings, and a muffin!  Dream land for Lola… lol.  


Love these 3 pictures:



  078 - Copy

Why do babies love these yellow ducks?  I have never heard of a baby not loving the yellow bath tub duck!

117 - Copy

How can she look this big already?

101 (2)

Uncle Nick and Lola!

084 (2)

Lola!  She can wear a headband now thanks to her DOC Band! :)

078 (2)

Lola loves the new stroller and so does her momma (me!)!

074 - Copy

5th night of letting her cry- she got rocked.

071 (2)

Lola already loves fashion!  She is wearing Aunt Kebby’s boots!  These may not fit her but she can almost wear her shirts!  Thanks for lending her a shirt the other day Keb!

008 (5)

Lola loves her baby stroller!

053 (3)

Over the break Lola got to catch up with STACY!!!!!! And so did I!  WE MISS YOU!!!026

020 - Copy

At the lake house!!

013 - Copy

First trip to Canton!  Yes, I broke both rules- I brought my husband AND baby… lol.  Clay, Robert, Stacy, Lola and myself all went to Canton before heading to the lake!  It was just too cold that day!  Brrr!

007 - Copy

Over the break we got the pleasure of having breakfast with Ginni!  They even brought Lola free baby pancakes!  We miss Ginni working night shifts!  Those were the days!  We snuck in a trip to HomeGoods too! :)

003 (7) 002 (8) 001


Okay… should I be sleeping since Lola is asleep in her crib?  Silly me!


Debbie said...

Happy 9 months LOLA!! Love you so much!!

~Laura~ said...

Happy 9 months little girly! Crazy how time flies..

Love all the pics! FINALLY! :)
I need to see her wearing a headband!
Aubrey loves her ducks too!

Just think, no matter how long it takes her to sleep in her bed all night, she will one day! I mean, its not like she'll be 16 and crawling into bed with you! LOL! Ok ok.. I know it will be waayyy before then!! :) You're doing great! May God bless you for your endurance! haha!

Ginni said...

Happy 9 Months Lola!! She is getting so big! I love the headband on her, I am going to need to make her some, I will start working on that!