Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodness SNAKES alive!

So you may recall my crazy squirrel in my kitchen cabinet story, uh, two weeks ago! 

Well check out this picture of my silverware rack in my dishwasher…


See the snake?  He was pretty big- 12 inches long at least and pretty thick.  Clay prepped for 10 minutes then managed to get it out with grilling tongs and killed it outside.  He actually wouldn’t harm an ant, so I was impressed that he killed the snake!  Yayaya!

I called my mom and she didn’t believe me, so I e-mailed her a picture.  lol!   Amazingly enough I was much calmer over this than the squirrel, which I thought was  raccoon.  Mom is looking into getting someone over here to check that out and fix the hole the squirrel came through. 

I swear I do have a pretty nice home!  And apparently all the animals and reptiles in my neighborhood think so too!


Dr. Bala ROCKS!

I mentioned a day or two ago we had the well child visit and I just adore Dr. Bala.  She is so kind and Lola absolutely loves her.  She is very detailed, but not overly so if that makes sense.  She said with Lola’s sleeping to keep doing what we are doing but no more getting her out at night.  She said it would take much longer than a week, probably a month.  Dr. Bala explained that co-sleeping is much harder to break  and takes a lot of patience, sleepless nights, and consistency.  She said by one month we should see a big difference.  She said to try and do the same thing with naps, but it was most important to be consistent at night.  She said at nap time, just not to hold her.  She also said that her head looked just perfect (which I know it could have had more improvements) but since she mentioned something last time about it, I was interested to see if she thought it was better than her 6 month check up.  SHE DID! She also pointed out that Lola’s height is in the 100th percentile!  Where does she get this height from?  Crazy.  She is almost 31 inches tall.  And she only weighed 21 lbs.  That’s only 2 lb difference in 3 months.  Maybe I should learn to crawl?  

Bad news: she had two vaccines, one flu and one swine flu.  And even worse news- she had her blood drawn the adult way- rubber band tied above elbow and real needle withdrawing two or three tubes of blood and it took 3 of us to do it.  I’ll admit, I cried a tear or two with her.  I hate that.  I am very thankful we have a healthy baby girl. 

Here’s Lola showing off her battle wounds… Bless her heart.


Signing off-

The Animal Keeper


Carole said...

Well call me next time I would have believed you about the snake! Your mother!! Glad to see my girl doing all the things you showed. Makes me a tad sad she seems to be growing up to quickly. Love you all

Jen Smith said...

We have snakes like that around here??? Yikes! If that ever happens again (praying it doesn't) - just call me - my dad LOVES to catch snakes! He would have gladly walked down to your house and taken care of it for you!