Friday, January 22, 2010

You’ll be glad to know…

This is the second successful night of Lola falling asleep in her crib.  Last night she cried for almost (aka only!) 10 minutes then I went to check on her and laid her down and gave her the paci back and she cried for another minute or so and went to sleep.  Yayaya!  But she woke up at 12:30 and Clay heard her and put her in bed with me…. better than nothing.  Tonight she cried twice that amount and I ended up checking on her 3 times.  The third time I laid her down and put my hand on her chest (never picked her up!!!) and she fell asleep in her crib again!  When I checked on her I waited longer periods each time… The plan is to not put her in bed with us in the middle of the night if she wakes up… we will see.  We are hoping she stops waking up so much, which I think she will if she is now learning to get comfortable and fall asleep on her own without me!   Wishful thinking? 

Honestly, these days, rocking her wears me out more than watching her cry on the little video monitor.  It’s a tough call actually… but she is almost impossible to rock at night- know why?  It’s because she can’t get comfortable on my bony little body!!!  Hahahaha!  That’s the excuse I tell Clay anyway! Clay and I crawl in bed and stare at the odd, little, night vision monitor on our nightstand to watch her and decide when is a good time to go in and check on her… it’s so sad. 

I’ll keep reporting it- keep me accountable people!

I have some great pictures I can’t put up because I can’t find the cord to my camera and I have pictures that go back from Christmas time.  :( Clay said I have to wait till tomorrow to look for the cord so I don’t wake Lola up! lol  

Lola and I got to catch up with a now healthy Aubrey and Laura at the park today!  Once again- can’t upload my pictures! :(  But it was fun and today was beautiful!!!!

I left Lola at the church nursery twice yesterday and it was just terrible… once in the morning so I could enjoy a great, funny couple talk about balancing life as a mom and life as a wife… AMEN!  It was great getting the wife’s and husband’s thoughts.  And then that night for our Moneywise class.  Clay and I are really enjoying that- but Lola just had a rough time… surprisingly.  Sooooo today- was just as rough.  Miss. Clingy.  Every time I put her in the car today I think she thought I was leaving her… poor thing. 

Okay I have to go watch Conan’s last show tonight.  Sad night at the Swartz’ home.  We love Conan O’brien.  NBC- You are wrong and this sucks.  Leno is sort of creepy.  Why do people like him? Icky. 

Well hopefully next time I’ll have all my cute pictures to post!

Good night!

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Ginni said...

Yay!! Go Natalie, Clay, & Lola! It sounds really tough but yall are doing a good job! The apple pics are sad but also adorable, ha ha. She gets cuter everyday!