Sunday, January 24, 2010

35 minutes of tears…

So it took 35 minutes of crying tonight when she finally fell asleep… she was sleeping sitting up… we were so nervous she was going to fall back and hit her head on her iron crib that we went in for a risky move… I tip toed in to lay her down, which she woke up briefly with a big cry, but was quickly sound asleep again.  Either 35 minutes sounds like a lot or maybe not so bad to some, but by the 4th night- I just think it shouldn’t be taking so long.  I hate letting her cry that hard.  But when I got her out to change her dirty diaper I noticed that she wasn’t snubbing (I think that is the word) as bad as she should have been, which made me wonder how much of the crying was screaming and tantrum, more than just plain upset baby tears.  Last night she kept shaking her gate… she was angry.  Weird.  I mean I get it, who wouldn’t be, but to see a little baby angry is weird, especially Lola.  Sweetest child on earth…lol.

I deserve a bowl of cereal and to cry my own self to sleep now. 

This may be a bad idea, but we are still getting her when she wakes up in the middle of night for our bed, so when she masters falling asleep in her crib then we will try and master sleeping in the crib all night.  We just can’t conquer it all at once.  Hope this is smart.  But hopefully when she has learned to soothe herself and fall asleep then when she wakes up at night it will be easier to teach her to sleep in her crib through the night.  Her naps are a little better about sleeping in the crib.  She used to wake up the minute I put her down.  

Okay… cereal time.

Night again. 

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Debbie said...

Makes me want to cry too!! Poor Lola and Natalie and Clay!! :-(