Monday, January 11, 2010

Bye-Bye Bugaboo, Hello Graco.

It’s true.  The Bugaboo Stroller is gone.  I have been using it since Lola was born and I love the way it strolls and steers, but it just wasn’t unfolding and folding right.  One time Kebby and I couldn’t get it to collapse and had to embarrassing take it apart in the parking lot in order to get it in the car.  And then (again with Kebby) at the mall the other day it kind of collapsed while Lola was in it.  So finally I said something to Gram and Popper who bought the stroller and Rocky did a little research… turns out it’s a manufacture defect and BRU took the stroller back!  I have been using it for almost 9 months, but no questions asked.  So Rocky gave me the in store credit so I could pick a new stroller and use the rest as we see fit!  Oh thank you!! We were all wondering why Bugaboo is so nice, when the strollers at BRU seemed very nice as well.  After a couple of visits I definitely narrowed it down to a Graco stroller.  I  just didn’t want one too big.  So there are 2-3 I liked and I ordered one online because it wasn’t carried in the stores.  I hope I like it!  I think the functionality of the stroller will be perfect.  I just hope it isn’t too big.  Some of the strollers handlebars go up to my chin.  Lol.  They should make petite strollers! lol  So it should be in within a week!  I just can’t wait!  Oh and it comes with a car seat and base… I guess that means we need a baby to fit the infant car seat.  Or not.  Lol… 

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