Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sick Baby Girl

I’m a real mom!  No, I didn’t just realize this, but I had such a mom experience.  Lola has had such a rough 24 hours.  I knew yesterday something was up with her, but wasn’t for sure what was going on.  We went to the Gaylord Texan with Clay’s folks and I knew she wasn’t acting herself.  Then when we got home and settled she was real clingy with Clay and me and was just fussy.  She ended up going to sleep after 20 minutes of crying, but it was such hard crying that I got her out and loved on her and rocked her.  Then when she was close to being asleep I put her in her crib which she pretty much just went to sleep.  Throughout the night I heard her moving around quite a bit, then heard her choke.  What could she be choking on?  I hurried in there and my poor baby girl was vomiting.   And it was like projectile and smelt so bad.  I hurried her to the bathroom and knew that this would be a long night.  Bless her heart and it was a long night.  Clay often got up to help.  THANKS BABE! We went through tons of pajamas and thankfully I had Nonna’s special shirt for Lola for when she goes over there and it’s super comfy and big, so I put that on her and I rocked her with a big bowl in our laps.  I had throw up on me, it was in her bed, in my bed… gross.  But I felt like such a good mom and I woke up and didn’t even think twice about being up through the night.  I love this kind of love.  Makes me love my own mom tons more too! I love taking care of her through good and smelly throw-up!  At one point in bed she just laid down on my legs and fell asleep then when she woke up throwing up again, she didn’t actually wake up.  She was so tired by that point she just threw-up and Clay and I held her up and wiped her down.  :(  She’s been sick today, but I feel better about tonight.  I think tomorrow will be much easier.  I meant to get a picture of her in her cute oversized comfy clothes sick, but didn’t get the chance. 

She wasn’t in a great picture mood yesterday and now I know why!  But here is a cute one…



Carole said...

Don't be sick Lola.....I'm sorry give her lots of hugs and kisses!! Hope she is better already

Nonna said...

Me and Lola were wondering about the comfyeeeee shirt and decided mom is in trouble! That is our spa shirt!!!!!