Friday, January 15, 2010


It’s funny to think about how you are just born with some passions.  I have always enjoyed writing in a journal and have done so faithfully since elementary school.  Now I mainly use my blog as my journal, yet still occasional pull out the ol’ pen and paper.  I am certainly in the mood to journal today.

It’s cool outside and dreary.  And I am at my kitchen table working on CFA stuff with the window open and it’s making me want to curl up in a comfy chair and read! But I can’t… I must take advantage of Lola being out of the house so I can concentrate.  I am getting into the second phase of what I am doing which will make it a little easier to work with Lola here now.  I just needed a running start without her… lol. 

Clay is home sick today.  He was sick all night and made it to work for a couple of hours then quickly came back home.  Poor thing.  I hope it’s not the flu, but it certainly seems to be the case.  Lola and I will have to keep our distance for awhile.  :(

Clay and I joined a 5 week Moneywise class  at Watermark and it stated last night.  It was really good and has me really looking forward to the weeks to come.  Lola is going to have fun too being around all the other children.  I am glad she’ll get the chance to make some friends.  Although her classroom seemed a little young for her, so next week they may move her up with the 12-24 month year olds.  The older class only had 3 children in it and they thought she might find it more entertaining.   When I picked her up they asked me again how old she was and said she seemed “advanced” and was very “social” with the other babies.  I tried to warn them that she really, really liked babies.  It’s like Lola thinks she is 12 and should be babysitting the babies.  It’s so funny since she is only 8.5 months old.  Maybe she is “advanced.”  Her steps are becoming very prominent and she is starting to stand and walk away from the stable object she is holding on to.  Not good.  Lola- just keep crawling!  I try not to encourage the walking, but it’s inevitable that it will happen much sooner than later. 

Funny Story

We’ve told this story a lot, but the other night- we had just got Lola to sleep and I was still rocking her and we heard a crazy, loud scratching, rambling noise.  Clay said “A cat is scratching on our window!” but before he could finish I had jumped up from the rocking chair, still holding Lola, and yelled “It’s innnn theeee houseeeeee!”  I knew the noise was coming from our kitchen and knew it was too big to be a mouse (not that a mouse would have been pleasant).  I grabbed some jeans, couldn’t stop screaming, and was headed out the door to my mom’s,  all while I was trying to explain to Clay I heard a really loud and distinct noise that morning from the roof and thought our tree had fallen through the roof and went to go look and nothing.  So, I dismissed it.  But as soon as I heard the noise that night, I knew something had fallen into our attic that morning! I couldn’t have been more freaked out.  I assumed it was a raccoon because it sounded like a rather large animal.   About the time I was headed out the door (took less than 1 minute to leave) we heard another loud noise and whatever was in the attic had now fallen through into our kitchen cabinets.  Yuck, yuck, yuck. 

I left Clay there helpless.  Actually I called 911 who gave me the emergency animal guy and an hour later he came out to Clay’s rescue.  Turns out it was a squirrel, which apparently even freaked out the animal guy because he said squirrels run through your house and their bites are worse than dog bites.  Great… After much attempt- he got it!  Yea!  And the squirrel didn’t get loose.  Finally at 1 a.m. no more squirrel! I came home the next morning and sanitized everything!  Moped- the whole nine yards.  I was scared they lied to me and the squirrel really had gotten loose.  It was nice to have a clean, squirrel-free house again! :)

Well the co-sleeping is still taking place and actually it’s better in some regards.  She isn’t needed to sleep so close to me at night now and really learning how to get comfortable.  She used to wake up and sit up and then cry, never laying herself back down and trying to go back to sleep.  But now she does.  I think I will let her try this a tad longer then maybe she will sleep better in her crib.  Clay totally gets why she isn’t sleeping in her crib- we both know it will take a lot of time, patient, and tears to get her in her crib all night- and we both just aren’t for sure we are there.   But we will be soon.  Very soon. 

Also, the new stroller will be arriving today!  I am so excited so can’t wait to give y’all my review of it! Fingers crossed I like it!      

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Hey! I thought about you the other day, there is a great article in Parents magazine about getting your child to sleep. It explores 4 different methods and good times to start sleep training. Just thought I'd pass it along...