Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Bed Blues

I must, must resolve Lola’s sleeping routine.  I must, I must.  Joi suggested having someone else stay here for a couple of nights and Clay and I not be here, and allow them to let her cry.  Like any of Lola’s grandparents would let her cry! lol. 

It’s way past nap time, but Lola refused to sleep today.  So after trying to rock and use her swing, she was put in her crib.  Almost 30 minutes of off and on crying now, and she’s sleeping.  I did check on her every 8-10 minutes.  Also while she cried, I got out a video monitor Popper and Gram bought us to help encourage us through this process.  They understand since Clay slept with them and she remembers how all this feels.  Hmmm… They couldn’t get Clay to quit sleeping with them and Clay loved playing with her hair- Sounds a lot like Lola!  So tonight I will put the video monitor in her room.  I will still rock her to sleep, but see if I can get her to sleep in her room.  We talked about starting with naps and trying the crib at night starting Friday.  So I guess we will talk about it more tonight.  I just don’t know if the naps and bedtime should be done together or a little stair stepped.   

Two things new about me:

1.  Reviews aren’t as helpful as I once thought.  Maybe I don’t like reviews now.

2. I apologize for making fun of moms with video monitors.  I think this will actually be very helpful.

a. While she cries I can have a peace of mind knowing she is okay.

b. While she cries I can also see how close she is to falling asleep.

c. When she quits crying I can make sure she is sleeping, and not laid out on the floor.

d. At night, if she cries I can tell if it is just a dream, lost paci, or wide awake without having to go to her room.

e. Probably more reasons too…

Well I am going to peek in on her now.  Fingers crossed!


And isn’t my terribly awkward show on tonight??  The Bachelor?

I think American Idol starts tomorrow night?  Super excited about that!  Last season with Simon Cowell.  :(   That is sad, sad.


nonna said...

How did she do? Bless her heart...she is just a people person and doesn't want to miss out on any fun! Kisses to Lola!

The McCoys said...

I LOVE the video monitor idea! I'll have to keep that in mind on my next one! Good Luck!

Debbie said...

I feel your pain! I remember it like it was yesterday but it WILL pass and you will wonder why you were so worried and upset. Take a deep breath and another and another...