Friday, January 29, 2010

A story crazier than last nights snake in the dishwasher ordeal…

Lola has been in her crib for twenty-five minutes and isn’t asleep, BUT hasn’t cried!!!! Can you all believe it?  This is mind boggling to me!  She’s had a very busy day thanks to Nonna watching her so I could work and then we took her out tonight and didn’t get home until late so I hurried to give her a bath yet of course let her take a bath for awhile and have lots of fun splish, splashing then got her pajamas on and Clay and I played with her in her room, then a bottle, then crib.  She has been going back and forth between playing with the ruffles on her bumper and laying down!  Ha!  This is great- hopefully this is the new routine.  I’m so interested to see how tomorrow night goes!  Praise Jesus for tonight! Seriously.

Clay and I along with Lola decided to adventure out to Northpark tonight for some Maggiano’s and a stroll around the mall.  We decided to give Nick a call and see if he wanted to meet us for bite to eat and he was in, then Mom and Dad called to see what we were up to and they joined in!  It was a fun night, but we took so long eating that by the time we were done the stores were closed.  Clay and I strolled Lola around anyway (she loves it) then headed home… and would you know it?  It was snowing!!! So cool and beautiful.  Snow still amazes me and I can’t get over how pretty it is.  The snow flakes were so big and fluffy! :)

Looks like it is family weekend, because tomorrow we are having lunch with Gram and Popper.  Another exciting day tomorrow!

So apparently everyone is freaked out over the snake, but I still think the squirrel thing is worse! At least I knew it was a snake because I didn’t have a clue what was running around in my attic, then my cabinets!


Seriously?  Not to die for cute? I love this child.



Uncle Nick (Uncle Bub) really has made huge strides with Lola lately!





Lola was playing peek-a-boo with Nonna with a napkin!  How smart is she?


Pathetic I know, but hey- it’s snow!


So the house has been rearranged over the last couple of months.  Almost every room… what was I thinking? But it’s turning out to be great!  Here’s the deal: the room off of the den with the glass doors is now Clay’s man room.  I have put up curtains so the room feels less open to the den and it looks great!  I wish I would have thought of doing that earlier!  And his room looks good.  Instead of having the focus of it be on a desk and computer, it’s now focused on his great record collection and love for music!  I just love it!  Clay even bought a rug for the room, which helps give it warmth!  Then in his old office, we turned it into a guest room/room for me.  I sold my big desk and got my old desk out of storage which I love!  Then made the closet (thanks to a lot of help from Paw-Paw for redoing the shelves) into a scrapbook storage area.  Then I am getting a daybed from my mom (used to be mine and I LOVE this bed) to put under the large window with plantation shutters on it.  It should look really good and homey and is pretty much Kebby’s room.  Unless Clay’s friends crash over here or Nick again.  I like having a guest room!  Then the old guest room will eventually be Lola’s big girl room or her sibling room- not trying to tell anyone anything… no babies on the way.  My mom and I are trading beds.  She’s  taking the black full bed and I get two twins.  The bed is absolutely gorgeous and was her grandpas, but really we need twin beds more than big beds!

By the way, Lola is dead asleep! No crying! Yayayaya!  So amazing! My heart feels rewarded and filled with joy!

Pictures below of the two big room changes.  I need to take pictures of my den because I arranged it differently and everyone seems to like it much better.  It’s much more open and gives Lola tons of floor space to play!  I love the changes we are making!  Now if I can just get my bedroom into shape… it’s been neglected.  Maybe I can find a great comforter and paint color to ask for, for my birthday!  A little ways off…

Guest room/My room…Scrap/Craft Closet- still working on it, but getting close!


Have y’all seen were people put a cute gathered skirt around a desk then normally have a glass top on the wood part of the desk?  I think I want to do that here and keep a few things stored under the desk!  ??


Clay’s room.  The piece of furniture holding the records was perfect and it was cheap at Ikea.  The record frames don’t have the records in them yet.  I think it will look really cool when he picks out the record art to go in them.  I sold my desk and bought some replacement furniture and still had money left over!


I love Clay’s passion for records.  It’s been a hobby that started since we got married.  He asked for a record player for his birthday and I just didn’t think this would be one of those things that turned into anything and as you can see a year and a half later… it has.  He probably has 300+ records now when he started at 0. 


Here’s what I did to the doors.  I didn’t want to cover the doors with panels or anything because I think they are charming, so this worked great.  I just put a rod at the top and bottom so it would stretch tight and gather!  Of course I made the curtains and fell in love with this timeless fabric (literally- that’s the name of the fabric)!!!!

063 062


Okay got to go ;)



Debbie said...

Love the decorating!! Everything looks so cozy and warm! You defnintely have your mom's gift!

Ginni said...

Everything looks great! I think the fabric around the desk would be so cute for your craft room and it would add some great storage. I love that desk!