Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Party Fun (Picture Crazed Blog)


I now have a one year old daughter! Ahhhhh!!!

I can’t believe it.  Her party was a blast and I just loved every minute of it.  She was a perfect girl throughout it!  She is such a social butterfly and probably ADHD like the rest of us, so opening gifts wasn’t her strong suit, but she has enjoyed every one of them in the past few days! She wakes up and goes straight to her room to get busy playing! Haha!


Lola has really blossomed into a fun, energetic little girl.  My dad and I were just talking about how we thought she was going to be this laid back baby based on the first half of her year, yet it turns out she was just a happy baby and now that she is mobile, she is happy and has tons of energy!

But my favorite things about my 1 year old are:

  • Her dancing skills… she booty pops, snaps, and now bobs her head.
  • I still can’t get enough of her saying “momma” especially when she says it because she really wants me. 
  • Seeing her gradually become a bigger and bigger fan of her daddy… I look forward to watching her become a daddy’s girl like I was. (Sorry mom, but I am a momma’s girl now! Haha)
  • I love when she tells me “t-t” and wants her diaper changed.  Ginni got Lola a potty that plays music when she pees in it, so I think it’s going to be a hit.  I’ll be starting that real soon!
  • I actually love her love for books.  She goes and picks a book then backs into you so she can sit in your lap and be read to.
  • I love how she cries for a “Ba-ba” and goes to the kitchen reaches up to the cabinets, then goes and stands by the microwave waiting on it to get warmed, then waits for the beep so she can open the microwave, then cheers while I put the powder in the water! Haha… but those days are about to be behind us… bye-bye formula.  hello whole milk.
  • It’s a love-hate relationship, but it’s hard to resist her snuggles at night.  She is such a lover even in her sleep.
  • I love watching her converse with Aubrey.  It’s hilarious and she definitely is going to be the bossy friend.  Poor Aubrey.
  • And one more, (although there are millions more) is her contentment in being outside.  She loves just being outdoors, walking around barefoot, and carrying around basketballs, golf clubs, pushing the swing, or just eating snails.

Lola got such great things for her birthday and even more so we had such great friends over.  It was a full house- I don’t think one more person could fit! Haha!

Enjoy the pictures… my camera was on the wrong mode, so some of my pictures are blurry and weird… but a big thanks to Laura for snapping pictures for us!  I should have checked my settings for an event like this one! Lesson learned.


I made the banner and it cost me $0! Gotta’ love that… already had all that paper!


Lola’s first birthday cake made by me!  I was so excited to use my cupcake pan finally! And Clay gave me the genius idea of using scrapbook paper crinkled to look like a wrapper.  Loved it!

And for everyone else, they got cupcakes! Cost me $3 versus $100+ at my favorite bakery!  Made 48! Haha!  I love these cupcakes with the homemade icing… yum!



Lola’s homemade birthday shirt! It’s what we had to wear growing up, so I passed down the “look.”  Thanks for reminding us Keb!


Paw-Paw made Lola  a very special and impressive rocking horse which you’ll probably see throughout the pictures… but Lola and Aubrey loved it! Here they are waiting to ride!  May I add that Aubrey is carrying around the cutest sugar cookies that are hearts and “1” Nonna made.  Thanks Nonna :)


Lola digging into her cake.  I love this picture- just our family of 3 in action!



258 25 261 266 263



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Uncle Nick letting the girls ride the new rocking horse!


Ba’s turn to manage the horse rides!


Lola’s BFF again… I loved this picture of her!


The cute chair Lola is sitting in is from me and her daddy and looks adorable in her room now! It reclines!


They can’t stand not having the same! Bc they are BFFs! :)




Savannah to Lola’s rescue! Haha!  I can tell she is now a big sister!


Lola is saying thanks!!


Bubble break…




Lola was so excited to see Savannah again! But once again, Lola’s pushiness came out! Savannah didn’t seem to mind and was adorable!  She made cake with Lola’s kitchen! I can’t wait till Lola can make pretend cake!


Isn’t this kitchen cool?  I am so jealous! I want to be little again! It even matches Lola’s room, which Nonna and Ba may had to pay extra for! ;) Thanks!



Lola is whispering to Aubrey: “My party is lots of fun Aubrey! Don’t ya think?”


Isn’t this horse amazing?  It’s so special! 146


Elmo birthday cards! Lola’s fav!


I love these two people!






Special book Gram made Lola! ABC Book that rhymes!




Special book Laura and Aubrey made Lola!  Their first year of friendship! Ya to that! Thanks girls!


Lola loved her Elmo wrapping paper from her Maw-Maw.



Aren’t they cute!!


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That’s my girl!


I love these two people too!  College roomies right there! Texas State all the way!!!  So proud of my sis! Congratulations!


I love that when Lola looks back at these when she is my age, she can crack up at her Nonna wearing a tie dye peace sign shirt! Haha!

10 9



4 11


Party was really fantastic as you can probably see!  Thanks again to everyone for coming and being a part of Lola’s life!  We love you all!


Peace out playas!


(Cute purple dress from Laura and Aubrey and totally cool purple glasses a Ford special!)


Jen Smith said...

Natalie - what an adorable party! Lola is just precious! I LOVE the idea of the cupcake wrapper made from scrapbook paper - I've made the cupcake a couple of times and SO wished I had something to put around the bottom - genius idea!

*Courtney* said...

I'm so glad that Savannah got to help Lola celebrate her 1st birthday! She is just too cute and looks like she had a ton of fun! :)

Nonna said...

It was a great party! You did a wonderfula job on everyting! She was so happy! By the way...why is it funny that Nonna had on a purple peace shirt? Lola likes that shirt!!! Love you see you when i get back! Love you three!

~Laura~ said...

Loved the party, we both had a great time! And, glad I could be of service :) Yay for having ONE year olds!!! :)

roxrae5679 said...

Lola's party was perfect! I had so much fun and Lola was a perfect birthday girl!!! Love you!!!