Thursday, April 22, 2010

On another note (DOC Band talk and snake talk):

Lola’s head.  Yea yea, the band is long gone, but I often still have my opinions and still am in a terrible habit of noticing flat heads everywhere.  Haha… But as time has passed I feel even better about us not getting a second band.  I know it was really not an option, but even so, I think that was really wise.  This plagio site I belong to, so many parents can start to get obsessed, which I can relate to, but I like to remind parents of other point of views when they ask for advice on getting a second band or not… I am one of the few that choose not to and am very happy about it!

Just makes me happy.  I love Lola and her beautiful head…



P.S. My mom got bit by a snake today! But she’s okay… which reminds me we came home from our Easter celebrations to find a snake slithering across on living room carpet!  ARE YOU SERIOUS???  So the next day I had an “expert” come out and snake proof our house!  $225!  Probably is a bit of joke, but I feel better since 2 snakes in a month time… Swartz Zoo over here!

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*Courtney* said...

I cannot believe that about the snakes! I would totally spend the $$ to snake-proof the house too. :)

About your baby fever...we're lucky that Houston is such an easy baby, or it might be alot more busy over here than it already is. We need to get together again so you can see how big he's gotten!

ps-Lola is just presh!