Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maybe a real post???

Wow.  Lola is sleeping in her crib.  Asleep at 8:30.  Heaven.  I watched The Office and Private Practice while I rocked her, then to her crib she went and to my bed I went.  Hopefully this will last through the night, yet it’s a rarity now.  I have to get back on sleep training with her, but with a bad back and being exhausted by bedtime, it’s so hard.  The month long ear infections really took us backwards, way backwards.

So April has been one of the busiest months of the year.  And on top of it I have chosen to redo almost every room in the house.  Haha.  I love decorating.  I painted the only room left in the house that hadn’t been painted yet.  Got a new rug (thanks mom!) and got several little things from here and there… and from mom’s house.  For my birthday (Ya for being 25!) mom came over and helped me get my dining room in tip top shape.  It’s gorgeous and I must post pictures soon.  I was so stuck in there…

My bedroom has been refreshed as well.  And Lola’s room is now a big girl room with all her toys and having to be child proof and all… I have to decide when to switch her crib to a bed which may sound like silly talk so early, but the child refuses to be enclosed, including the crib.  She won’t even play in it if I am IN her room with her.  Why, oh why?  I am kind of surprised, because she seems to be into decor and she has the prettiest crib ever!

Well since I want to go to bed, but manage to update my blog too, I must go fast…

So a BIG happy birthday to Aunt Kebby and hooray for being 18!  And a BIG happy birthday to Gram!  And me as well!  And Ba and Lola next week! Clay and I am looking forward to Lola’s party so much and will definitely be the post to look for! 

So Easter was wonderful!  We made it out to Mineola to spend some time with Clay’s grandparents and Gram and Popper joined in.  I love Mineola! So many antique stores!  Clay’s Papa was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago and they did surgery a week later and now he is home.  We are so proud of him and Gran and are continuing praying for a speedy recovery!  It was nice to be in their home and have Lola there too!

Then we went to the lake which was eventful because everyone ended up coming, although originally my parents were suppose to be in Mexico.  They couldn’t leave at the last second and joined us at the lake along with Nick, Rox, and even Coles. 

Lola got to have two Easter egg hunts although I think she was better the first time around.  The second time around she only cared about M&Ms and not about eggs. 

I so LOVED giving Lola her first Easter basket.  I know it’s silly, but it makes me feel like a true mom, and a good one.  Not because I am giving her gifts, but because I put so much love into making it for her picking each thing out with joy knowing she will love it.  Clay had a pretty good Easter basket to this year! (If I say so myself..)

Okay Lola just sat up in her crib and cried then laid back down… close call… I am shocked she laid back down… :)

Better blog faster…

So Easter was great…

New update… Clay, myself and Lola are now going to CLife and happy to be apart of that church family again.  We feel it’s a better fit for our family and I like knowing who my baby is with especially since she is a little skeptical of church nurseries…

She’s up… blog break…

She’s asleep now but next to me! :(

Okay I’ll let pictures do the talking…

Kebby looked beautiful for her SENIOR prom! She’s so grown up now… well not quite… haha… but stunning nonetheless.

011   030 037 050 108 155 055

184 138 (2)

Lola had enough of all the picture taking.  How big is she?

144 (2)


Easter weekend:

008 (2) 012 (2) 014 (2) 021 (2) 026 (2) 028 (2) 039 (2) 030 (2)

Lola got sick Saturday and didn’t feel well the rest of the weekend… but wouldn’t know it!

150 175


212 220 225

231 244 275 278 354 370 375 388 399 430 435 447 453 454 458 459 501 506058 071 (2) 081 (2) 088 (2) 090 (2) 101 (2)119 125


Haha! She was being real quiet and I found her in this basket reading a book.  She got scared when she knew she was caught then we all started busting out laughing!  Great moment. :)

007 (3) 010 (3)


Posts to come: New pictures of my house and Lola’s party!!!

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