Friday, December 17, 2010

Classic Santa Picture

I knew it would like this and honestly I was kind of glad, because everyone needs this exact picture in their stash.  And for the record- Lola LOVES the idea of Santas… she loves seeing drawings of Santas, lights decorated with Santa, big blow up Santas- just not real-life Santas.  Thanks Gram for inviting us up to work to see Santa!  It was nice not to have to stand in line for an hour, especially since Lola was not digging him.   But she does love Candy Canes!!


Look how far Lola is trying to lean back away from him, but she is still attempting to eat her candy cane!  Haha- oh Lola.  You are such a good multi-tasker!


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Aimee Lewis said...

I have a photo of Ashlee doing the same thing at about Lola's age! When she was 3 I had to take the dog to sit with her on Santa's lap... LOL!!! Enjoy her! She is such a DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!