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So I know I’ve been bad blogging this past month but hopefully December will be filled with lots more!

Thanksgiving was wonderful- we had such a good time and enjoy getting to have two Thanksgiving, one with each family.  We are so blessed to have great families and friends.  Since Sunday was our Thanksgiving day with the Swartz’- we got to make it to the lake this year for some R&R.  Seriously, Clay and I took the back seat whenever possible and let everyone else entertain Lola.  Haha… all and all it was such a great Thanksgiving break!  We got to see lots of Clay!  And another big thanks is we get to see lots more of Clay now with some amazing changes!  So, I was trying to figure out if God was blessing us and what have we done to deserve such a faithful and loving God.  He’s been very faithful and apparent in our marriage and family. 

Never busted out the camera during Thanksgiving except this one time outside before we left to go to Gram and Poppers…

“gobble, gobble”

008 (2)

Lola loves the squirrel.

014 (2)

018       019 (2)

022 (2)      030

024 (2)

I actually put up Christmas the day before Thanksgiving despite Clay being quite the scrooge over it all.  Lola loves the tree and LOVES bringing me ornaments off of it.  At first when I started decorating the tree, she kept saying “hot” and wouldn’t touch it.  So for the entire day I had to convince her it was NOT hot and she could help me… WHAT WAS I THINKING??  Laughing.  Now I have to rehang ornaments all day and have swept and vacuumed up at least 5 broken ones.  Gotta’ love having a baby in the house.  How boring life must have been before her!

This evening Clay is putting up lights on our house  (cheesin’) thanks to Lola’s surprising and very cute amusement with lights this year.   She loves seeing all the houses decorated in our neighborhood and screams “Ights! Ights!  Mor!” because she can’t get enough! 

Speaking of her jibber jabber, Aubrey is quite the talker now!  Seriously… crazy.  Plenty of sentences and clearly stated words- I told Laura not long ago when she thought Aubrey wouldn’t be talking this much that she would indeed… but now I am saying the same thing to Laura and she is reassuring me that it just happens!  Lola is talking a whole lot, but still words are hard to make out.  It’s so bazaar how fast they grow.  Everyone told me not to blink, and it’s true.  I seriously need to bust out the Flip way more often now! Lola has learned “and” and says names that go together with “and” in the middle. 

“Momma and Daddy”

“Maw-Maw and Kaw-Kaw” (Still haven’t mastered all our P’s in words)

“Ernie and Bert” (Def need to get a recording of these last two)

If I say Gram, she says Popper, because she can’t say Gram quite yet.  Although a little progress has been made and she has spit it out a couple of times. 

I bought her My First Christmas Book where it has the simple pictures and words so she could be more familiar with Christmas and it has worked.  She knows Santa and what he says, christmas tree, cookies, lights, reindeer, elf, and tons more!  I think Christmas will be lots of fun this year.  At Thanksgiving she got her TG present under the tree at the lakehouse and periodically through the day she kept going back to the tree and pointing underneath saying “more!”  So looks like she gets the “gift concept” now.

We had a great day last week where the weather was still warm so Laura and I took the girls to the park. Wished I had dressed Lola cuter and done her hair normal so the pictures looked better… but eh.  They are still the two cutest girls ever.  And doesn’t Aubrey really look 2 now!  Not much longer!  Smile


Park Pictures:

Aubrey hates the swings… See!

099 (2)  

And Lola just is content wondering what Aubrey’s fuss is about?  Haha- look at the grip Aubrey has on Laura’s shirt!

101 (2)


Today Lola liked the swings again- Yay!



Aubrey’s little cute face…


Hahahaha… she looks so intense…



Aubrey can jump off the slides!


We tried our hardest to get a cute picture of them together- not too bad.  Lola seriously is so affectionate with Aubrey.  Cracks me up!




Still sewing quite a bit and passed this Sesame Street material three times until I was convicted over not buying it for Lola and making her pants out of it… so without further… what’s the saying?  Oh well.  Here.


Pretty cute, huh!? Even for Character Clothing! Haha… she really loves them which makes me happy. 


I feel like I have so many things to show you via pictures and need to take a few more so I can post about them… I will, I will, promise.

My child loves chocolate yogurt and it’s even the fat free kind.  Haha…



So Lola has really become much more toddler like now.  Very distinct ideas and wants.  Communicating better.  Learning to follow directions better. 

A big development- seriously hilarious is Lola is quite the Daddy’s girl and I am LOVING it… I was warned it may be sad when they start to switch over but ha!   I think it’s pretty amusing when she wants only him to give her a bath, feed her, rock her… :)  Gives ol’ momma a break!  She still is a huge momma girl- but Clay seems to have a new #1 fan.  Haha…



So to wrap around to the title- Lola is a broken record when it comes to the word “No.”  How babies learn this word and concept so fast beats me.  It’s never just one “no” either- it’s like five in a row.  All day long.  Kebby was trying to teach her to say “ok” which is a great idea because Lola won’t say “yes” just to spite me… but we are trying to build “okay mom” into the vocabulary.  Which now that I think about it- doesn’t seem to be a regular in my own vocab with my own mom.  Haha- poor moms.  We are paid back with tiny baby hugs around our shins, extra long baby naps, and free grandma baby sitters.   I guess you can say it’s more than worth it.  Oh goodness- Lola why are you so darn lovable?


Has anyone finished the Christmas shopping yet?  Pretty close, thankfully.  Has it occurred to anyone that Santa must be the richest person ever?  Ho, ho, ho…

Much love to all my readers who have been asking where I have been in the blog world… and Meme, I promise to call you really soon.  When Lola wakes up we can Skype ya!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I’ll show pictures of our trees and lights next post!  Yaya!  Oh and I have easy, breezy Christmas ornaments you can make- great for baby trees! 

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