Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We will see what I can come up with…

I am too tired to write, but still wanted to.  The journal-er in me.  Lola has been up 4 consecutive nights now… first night from midnight to 4 a.m.  And the last 3 nights, she has woken up at 3:30 a.m. and last night didn’t really go back to sleep good until the sun came up.  But the fever finally hit today and she has been a little roller coaster.  She took a long nap (yay for me!) and eventually crashed tonight.  I mixed Motrin and Benadryl and I hope that was okay.   She was scratching her skin so bad it was bleeding (hives) and she had a high fever which I didn’t think the Benadryl would take care of… no wonder she crashed tonight!  Bless her heart- she just isn’t a baby that likes to be down…

So on to more fun things… Aubrey turned 2 this week and we had a great time celebrating Sunday with her and Laura!  I won’t share pics yet since Aubrey’s mom is a little slow in posting them first ;)  Actually there is a hilarious one on Facebook I need to figure out how to copy.  Oh! I did it!  Isn’t this funny?  My child LOVES to hug her friends!  Happy Birthday Aubrey!!!!


More fun!  Lola’s 12 days of Christmas from Nonna (and Ba).  Here is how they showed up to deliver it… can you believe these crazy kids?

052 (2)

Funny thing is she knows when I get each gift out each day that it’s from Nonna.  Dang.  I secretly thought she would think it was from me!  Haha… one of her funny gifts were these pretend reading glasses for girls!  She loves Nonna and Ba’s so she got her own pair:

She looks so hilarious here…

006 (3) 

One of Lola’s favs is this huge foam Elmo puzzle which she attempts to drag around with her and then brings him to me and says “broke, help momma”

004 (3)

I need to download the video of her saying “thank you Nonna”  It’s so sweet. 


I love when people see Lola’s energetic personality and ask if she is like that all the time… um… pretty much.  Us at home taking pics… 

031 (2)


Oh the time she isn’t like this: bedtime… her pitiful little hand reaching for us…


We only do this when we are desperate and we leave her in there long enough to wear down so we can rock her…

My favorite two people (heart, heart):

003 (4)

048 (3)

054 (3)

I made little clothes for this naked doll Laura ordered off Ebay for Aubrey- but Lola got pretty attached over the few days we had her…

006 (4)

009 (3)

My little sickling woke up… night night! Pray for a better night tonight for us!


Kristen said...

your pics are adorable. makes mommyhood look fun and easy.. ha :)

Anonymous said...

Able to get on your Blog today...but no computer as yet! Love the pictures and your post!! It was wonderful seeing you all, sorry I can't keep up with Lola but she is a doll! Love, Meme'