Sunday, June 5, 2011

It’s a miracle!

171So my favorite place on the internet is Prudent Baby. I am in love.  They make me want to create more, unfortunately spend more, and just embrace my crafty side. 

And guess what?? 

They had a contest that I decided to toughen up and enter!  I was really pumped and then… as you all know… Lola’s been so sick.  Days kept passing by and secretly I wondered would I ever get to make something with words and embroidery and enter it in for a chance to win a Brother Embroidery Machine!!!

Friday was the turning point that Lola seemed to play well enough and require minimum rocking so I got to work!  Poor Clay has had zero attention with Lola being so sick and it didn’t stop through the weekend!  He knew I was determined to get my little idea done!

I decided to embroider a kitchen cabinet door.  :) Original?  These doors already had chalkboard inserts I had done a few years back so it really wasn’t too tricky!

I didn’t want it to have a kitchen theme.  My kitchen is tiny and the kitchen, breakfast nook, and den are all one common area… so after much thought while rocking for two weeks, I decided upon:

“Once a job has once begun, never leave it till it’s done.  Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.”

Famously said my mother and grandmother.  In fact they have worn this saying out, but after swearing as a child I would never ever tell my own children this- I actually can’t wait till I tell Lola this and she has already heard it been said to her daddy.  ;) 

Then I choose the sweet Russian dolls because they have a little bit of a kitchen feel, but still look cute and fun!  This is really the first time I have embroidered to this extent.  The couple things I have fooled around wit you, you guys have seen.  So this was good practicing.  Looking forward to really getting better at this. 


After really finding my home style in life- the decorator part of me would love the charm of an old house and I think that would be my dream, but the germ freak really would like a new home- maybe one day we will build a new home to look old! :)

The look goes well with my breakfast nook feel.




D (800x530)

Great or small

The sweet Russian dolls gave me a good excuse to try out different types of stitches.  I can’t wait to do more!

Sweet Russian Girl 1a  Sweet Russian Girl 2

Sweet Russian Girl 3   Sweet Russian Girl 4

This was really fun and really gave me a great reason to get out all my fun stitching books and learn first-hand how to do this!  I think I am addicted!  Hmmm… can everyone guess what their homemade Christmas good will be this year?  Haha…

My two favorite books out of the several I have:

Doodle Stitching, The Motif Collection

Colorful Stitchery 

And the next project I would like to do is the “Stitches I Know”

Here’s an example I found


Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen nook. Beautiful stitching! Do buy a new house and make it look old. There is to much upkeep in an old house as I well know!! love to all! :)

Anonymous said...

you have an absolutely beautiful home!! i can only hope for something as wonderful when i buy and decorate my own house... someday... :) the embroidery is so cute and awesome! Great idea!
--a randome following mommy

TAITx3 said...

I found your blog via Prudent baby. The cabinet is too sweet. I have always wanted to try embroidery. Did you get a pattern for the russian dolls? I would love to make those little cuties on a pillowcase for my daughter. ~Kara

Natalie said...

Hey Kara- Thank you! I did use the book Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection which has the Russian Dolls in it! You will love it and it comes with a CD in the back with templates so if you buy it used be sure it has the CD. :)