Friday, June 10, 2011

A new strategy… (Updated)

Clay and I took Lola to the doctor today and I am glad he decided to come along because Lola knew where we were headed before we even entered the parking lot.  She was so beside her self that she had to go see the doctor and I thought it would be an easy visit with a quick look in her ear, but there was still too much drainage for the pediatrician to get a good look so we had to suction some out.  Lola was so upset, sweating, beat red and then threw up- which she always throws up when she gets real upset like that and I kept warning the doctor is was coming- trying to give him the hint to move his computer out of the sink!  So instead of making it to the sink- she just threw up all over me.  And the outcome of the whole trip: wasted money, a new antibiotic I had firmly asked for over two weeks ago, and a not-so-good pediatrician, oh and a little girl who will never-ever-ever want to see another doctor in her lifetime.  She may just be like her daddy and be anti-doctors… Does this mean with Lola gives birth one day she will refuse the hospital setting and have her baby at home in a tub?  ;)  I for one like the idea of “natural medicine” but I certainly don’t mind popping a pill or two and certainly loved my epidural. 

So our morning wasn’t ideal- but we made it up to her by having a family lunch date to Chick-fill-A, then snow-cones, and last but not least a trip to the pond to feed the ducks and search for turtles.  She officially recovered.  By this time it’s now two p.m. and this is where the new strategy comes in… despite her seeming so tired, I was a mean mom and forced her to stay up.  Her great grandparents came over to play with her while Clay and I enjoyed some time out and when we got home she looked even more tired and they told me she really needed a nap!  Haaa!  No way sweet kiddo of mine… I made dinner and then gave Lola a bath and now I am about to put her down and see if she will finally fall asleep within a few minutes at bedtime.  Basically during the day- she will go down for a nap and in just a few minutes be sound asleep and at night it takes hours!!!  Literally.  No exaggeration.  So I finally decided to see if we could just skip naps and solve the bedtime problem.  I hope she will go down earlier, like 8 p.m. and fall asleep much faster!   Yesterday was our first try and I put her down at 9 p.m. (which I wanted to earlier but we didn’t get home in time) and she went right down. She NEVER does that at night- so let’s see how tonight goes since I am putting her down even earlier!  I hope this is our cure all!  It’s going to be great!

Everyone enjoy the weekend- I have been de-cluttering the house and it feels great!  I am also doing the Couch to 5K training and have so enjoyed it, much to my surprise! I think I like to workout. :) It’s me time and a stress reliever.  Cheers to that!

Update: It worked beautifully.  She was asleep by 8 p.m.  This is the first time since she was a itty bitty baby!  Haha! Greatness!  Does this mean we are officially done with naps?  That is a little bit very sad.  But I’ll keep doing it if it helps.  :) 

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