Tuesday, June 21, 2011

“Try Again”


Lola is cracking me up.  Her sentences are becoming longer and she talks in different voices.  Her new thing that is one of my favs- it is her saying “Try again.”  I like it so much because she doesn’t always use it in the right context but it still gets the point across. 

The other day she went potty and I wiped her and put her down but then she immediately told me “try again.”  I told her she already went but she insisted she try again.  So I put her back on the potty and she went #2.  Made me laugh out loud.

If you are doing something fun with her and stop, she will tell you try again, meaning to keep going or more. 

I had some really funny examples and didn’t write them down, dang it. 

The ENT said it wouldn’t help her ear to go swimming but it wouldn’t probably hurt either if she wore plugs and the band-it.  So we may sneak some pool time in here and there, especially since the pool we go to has a big pool that is only 1.5 feet deep. 

Doctor appointment is next week and we will possibly be getting tubes.  We will hopefully know on Wednesday if Friday she is getting tubes.

She looked so cute in her band.  I would recommend it. This is her with her “Maw-Maw face.”  We try to tell her not to have a Maw-Maw face! Hahaha- she was concerned over something. 


Still concerned but warming up…

008   005 

She decided to give the playground a whirl…


The playground was a little hot for liking.


Back to pool! Yea!



Despite being glued to the edge of the pool, she enjoyed finally getting to “swim.”  She walked around the edge like it was a step thinking she would fall off.  It was quite comical. 


Her stud of a dad helping her get her shoes on since the ground as hot.


I was so glad to let her enjoy the water some!  Muah Lola!

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