Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All over the map-

Lola has started school and finally started dance!  Last week she had to miss her first day of dance because her asthma came full force thanks to stinky allergies.  Her and Oliver have had it both and Oliver still isn't over the hump, but Lola is!  So today she loved it!  I told her I would come a few minutes early and stare through the window to watch her and sure enough she kept staring at the door window looking to see if I was watching her, but I was at a different door watching- and she looked so disappointed because she saw other moms watching- then finally she spotted me at the second door and was happy and relieved looking and gave me a great wave!  She was pretty cute, but she has told me over and over she knows how to dance and is going to show her teacher- so I kept reminding her that she is a great dancer but her teacher was going to teach her new moves so she had to listen, watch, and try them. :)  Seemed like she did!

I love hearing about her perception of her day on the way home.  It's pretty funny.  Today she talked all about how someone told her not to cut in line and she could tell they were kind of getting on to her and she didn't like it but was confused.  She told me she can cut- so I explained what cut in line means and then she got real concerned and said she did not cut in line.  Why did they say that? she kept saying!  Haha- she was so worried and stuck on that today.  Bless her heart.

So.... trying the cry it out thing with Oliver.  Not really trying it, doing it! And doing much better than I did with Lola's whole bouts of cry it out which never worked and I still believe it would have never worked.... So for Oliver the decision came very spur of the moment and mostly because: A) his bouncy seat just doesn't hold him very well, he can flip out of it, which he has done a few times  B) he doesn't seem very comfortable in the middle of the night in it, which is understandable now- Bouncing really was the only way he would go down at nighttime, so it's easier letting him cry it out.  I know when he cries, if I pick him up, he'll keep crying- he's crying because he's tired and doesn't know how to fall asleep besides extreme bouncing which is just not good for him- so I feel like I am really doing him and Clay and I good teaching him to fall asleep in his crib.  He's been napping in there as well and honestly- life feels so much better.  REALLY!  Just finished night 3 and the first two nights took around an hour and tonight took 30 minutes.  Really hoping by Sunday night (that's a full week) it's hardly any crying.  Naps are munch easier- he actually normally falls asleep on a bottle and then I lay him in his crib without him waking now or I let him play in his crib for ten minutes then go and give him his paci.  We still have to hold it because he can continually suck on it- which feeding therapy starts tomorrow so hoping that helps.  When he cries it out at night- I let him cry for 2-10 minutes at a time.  Really depends on how hard he cries, etc... but no set routine.  Adjust accordingly.  He doesn't seem to overly care if we are in there- he just likes that we are holding that paci.  I tuck his face against a blanket and then hope that the blanket holds the paci in place.  Clay sometimes bounces the mattress, which we are trying not to do.  No bouncing.  Clay and I take turns getting up so that he doesn't expect one over the other.  AND the best news of all of this- for whatever reason- he sleeps through the night now.  Sometimes he is up as early as 5 but on lucky nights it isn't until a little later- he takes a bottle at those times then goes right back down. Trying to time out a good bedtime for him and wake time because right now it's still all over the place and that worked with Lola but now that there are two kids and more routines like sister's school- it's best they wake up somewhat close in times.... ahhhh- multiple kids.  Life has changed.  Considering it has- what's it matter if we have more? It doesn't! More the merrier ;) And no I am not pregnant- do you think I am crazy?  If I don't have time to blog, then I don't have time to have sex! Hahahahahaha- just kidding.

So my mom and I are currently in the middle of chiseling down the plaster covering the brick on the fireplaces.  Boy oh boy this is a mess.  And it wasn't too dusty until I used the shop van which had a vent on it that sprayed the house in the plaster dust- not too happy about that.  It's looking good and glad Clay and I are doing some projects around the house to freshen it up a bit!  Always fun, especially when they are little to no money!  I seem to have the house on my mind and Clay has his bike on his mind.  He's redoing an old bike :)  If I really like it, maybe he'll redo me one next.  He enjoys this new little hobby.

So I never talk about stuff other than the kiddos much- but my bro is two weeks away from opening Common Desk.  I have a lot of confidence it what's happening and can't wait to see it in one month from now, 6 months from now and so on... I think it will be a great place for people to work- maybe he'll let me show up with my sewing machine here and there :)  JK- but Clay will surely write there!  So proud of him!

There's probably so much I am leaving out but time to shower- again not taking anytime to proofread... it is what it is :)   Oh and pictures (all from iPhone): 

Oliver happy and doing his lip smacking:

Lola excited to go check on Maw-Maw with her bag of cookies :)
Lola with her teacher

Me sporting ponytails and wavy hair- my new norm is wavy hair

Visiting Kebby in Denton: I felt like I have drove much further than normal lately, especially with Oliver's doctor visits.  Too bad gas prices aren't going down- $3.70ish

Oliver is in love with Lola and loves watching her.  He laughs at her, studies her, squeals at her...

 Eating baby foods... may be allergic to applesauce- will try again in a month or so- When he turns one, we will be seeing Dr. R, Lola's allergist.  He's amazing.

Always running into Ba since we are always hitting up CFA.  Gotta' appreciate free :)

Lola and I have been making it a point to get girl time, which normally includes a trip to the nice playground- I am such a great playground friend, until other little girls show up- then I am not as cool.  It's already started a little.  Not too bad though- thankfully.

My pretty girl.  Goodness I love her.  You know, she and I are really alike.  And I love this new side of her, where you can't hurt her feelings.  It really hurts her.  I am trying to teach Clay this and how to "reset" her so to speak.  She shuts down on ya- reminds me and myself and Kebby.  Love watching Clay have to win her back over, which never takes long!

Guess who woke up late one night and wanted to hang with me in my craft room-

Working on tummy time- some weeks more than others!

Funny face

So Lola and Oliver were posing for a picture then she decided to pick him up during the picture- she gets a little too brave here and there with him... the other day she went to sit on his tummy while he was laying down on his back and I had to stop her.  She knew what she was doing wasn't smart because it was all in slow motion giving me time to react to her evil sister scheme.

Another playground trip :)

Quilting for Oliver

Hair is coming back!

Straight hair for momma- rare!

Lola greeting Oliver in the morning is always so cute to see-
He's loving her hair right now!

A really cute and sweet book on a colicky baby and a baker: LOVE

Pretty girl sporting her new dress than momma thrifted- so proud of myself for putting her love of dresses over my fear of germs-

And the new kid begins-

Making a collage of frames in Lola's room above her bed and redid this thrift store frame... isn't it cute now?  Loving it- just need to figure out what to put in this odd shaped frame-

Sucking on his fingers and maybe one of the last bouncy seat shots-

Introduced the sippy cup.  No go. 



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