Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy School Day Lola!

Lola started school today and looked way too old this year!  She told me on the way to school, "My friends look different and really big!"  And I said, "So do you!!!" I remember being able to see the changes in all my friends each year and not being able to see my own.  Haha... I can relate.  Glad she was so excited to spend the day with her friends and new teachers!

I have been teaching her how to pick bows, shoes, and jewelry that matches her outfits since she is all about picking things out herself.  So today after she was all dressed she went to find a bow for her hair and came back with a pink necklace and was so excited because it "matched" which she knew that meant she could wear it...so of to school in a a necklace we went. 

Oliver is going to wonder where his sister is all day and may have to get use to a quieter house.  I love seeing both of their reactions when they have been away from each other!  Today at 2:00 p.m. shall be fun! Maybe we can celebrate the first day of school with snow cones! :)

Since she started when she was 1, I have made her backpacks.  Here is hers this year!  Kind of want to make it again and see how much faster I can do it and try different fabrics!  I love how a fabric choice can change the whole look of something instantly.  She loved it! I'll have to a take a few better pictures of it. We upgraded to zippers and lots of pockets this year! (Pattern from ChrisWDesigns)

A stroll down memory lane...

Itty bitty girl starting school-

Getting bigger- 2 year old classroom!

And now! 3's Classroom! Yayaya!  My pretty girl!

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Casey & Lauren Coats said...

Okay, we need to do a sewing lesson! I want to learn to make a backpack. Please, oh, please teach me :) (Ps. I know it's for sure something a pro would do, and I'm most definitely a novice, but I would feel so good about myself if I could do this:)