Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How should I title this??

I was in bed over two hours ago looking forward to letting my head hit the pillow and being sound asleep- and then I got to thinking about work and stayed up for two hours planning out some important details.  Here I am now.  Man- I am too wide awake and there goes getting a few hours of extra sleep.  Money or sleep?  So hard to choose.  Looks like money won, and now blogging.  



Sometimes in the middle of the day I will spontaneously hold Lola and rock her just because a part of me actually misses it.  Not very often since I rocked as much as humanly possible Lola’s first two years of life, but the snuggle time was so sweet.  I can’t remember the last time I rocked Lola to sleep.  So weird.  When I pick her up, I always immediately notice she is lacking a diaper and she just seems so old wearing her cute little panties.  Courtesy of Gram (Debbie), we now have super cute Baby Gap panties to add to our growing collection.  All this panty shopping is making me think I need to up the cuteness of my own panties! :) 

Lola typically gets time-out when she is throwing a fit or not listening which tends to be very successful for her.  She will apologize a million times and makes me (or Clay) feel so guilty because whatever she did, didn’t call for “sorry” that many times so I always have to say “I know you are sorry and I appreciate that.  Sorry means you are going to try really hard not to do it again, but you also have to sit in time-out for doing it.”  Then once the timer goes off she always gives hugs and I tell her I love her and go play.  What a great thing to be kid.  Really amazing.  Do kids know this? 

But when Lola doesn’t get time-out, occasionally she gets a spanking.  I don’t think spankings work really well with her and now when she gets a spanking (which means a quick pop of the thigh) she will tell us “Tat hurt Momma.”  Hahaha.  It’s funny and not funny.  I always say “Spankings are suppose to hurt a little, but you are okay.  You need to be a good listener.”  Then in some jibber jabber she will tell me she would rather sit in time-out.  Hehehehe.  That girl is a character.  She told Clay the other day that “tat hurt daddy” and he totally fell for it… he said sorry and gave her a kiss and told her to go play.  Sucka…

Did anyone see last week’s Modern Family?  Hilarious.  I just love this show.  It really makes me laugh out loud.  But it was about her (wife) being bad cop and him (husband) being good cop.  They tried to switch roles and they were awful at the other role and happily switched back.  At first glance I feel like we fit those roles, but after thinking about it- I think we have a good balance.  Clay’s definitely laid back, but he likes Lola to listen to us both and cares about her attitude.  I like our balance.  Lola seems to appreciate the rules and things we try to teach her.  The other day, nap time was a bit of a struggle (normally not too bad at nap time) and I told her, “Lola, I know you are really tired, but you need to relax and give in and after you sleep for awhile you will wake up and be so happy.”  She laid down in her bed and I rubbed her back and she fell asleep quite quickly after that.  Two hours later (a long time for her) she woke up jibber jabbering away trying to get me to come to her and get her out of bed… so I go in there and she is beaming with happiness.  She gives me a big hug and says “Tank cho (thank you) Momma” and I asked her for what and she says for “night-night.”   Awe.  Isn’t that adorable?  See kids do like structure and do realize we sometimes actually know what is best for them.

Really enjoying age 2.  Looking forward to her at every age, even “terrible twos.”

“Everydoby clean up, clean up.  Everydoby clean up, clean up.”  Lola sings that terribly fast and loud with the letters as written while picking up her toys now.  I don’t know which is cuter- her singing that song or actually picking up her toys.  Her room stays cleaner and I still need to show pictures of the rearrangement!

Totally going to bed now! :)


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Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your 'middle of night' comments. Lola is so extraordinary!! I don't remember our kids doing these things so young and me enjoying every little giggle....but I loved them all so much I probably did. It's great you keeping a journal of all, will be precious memories for her one day! Love to all.... :)