Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh little panties…

Well the craziest thing has happened this week.  Lola is completely sold on using a potty now.  I couldn’t find her this morning and didn’t hear her, so as I walked down the hall to look for her and out of the corner of my eye, I got a peak of her sitting on the potty tee-teeing!  She’s a pro! So we have been in pull-ups this week with great success.  Time for panties! The only weird thing is, she asked for a diaper when she feels the need to go poo-poo.  Yes, I just used the word poo-poo on my blog.  Gross.  So I am working on that part.  But at least she knows not to go in her pull-up, or as we call them- panties. This is amazing.  God is being good to me since she is a difficult sleeper. I’ll take it Lord! Thanks!

I have her some Elmo panties, but she doesn’t like wearing them and they seem to small.  So I have been looking at super cute and comfy big girl panties…

Here’s what I have found. 

BabyGap never really fails.  Look at the classic days of the week panties.  (I even want a pair of these!)  These are a must, aren’t they?

And Carters makes a cute set too: So colorful!

Next 3 are all BabyGap:


These cute colored ones are Old Navy:


And Hannah Anderson has some cutes ones, but my guess would be there’s are the most comfortable and well made because that’s how that store rolls.

I am super excited to transition out of diapers and the cost of diapers.  I have noticed that potty training has seem to cut back the bottom scratching problem. 

Can’t wait to see how the rest of the week turns out. Fingers crossed.  

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