Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lola’s Birthday

So I wondered whether or not I should make any fuss over Lola’s actual birthday because I thought it may be confusing- but I couldn’t resist!  Just made a fun day for her!  Starting with powdered donuts for breakfast…


Then she got to open a few gifts from us! 


In the middle of unwrapping, she gathers all the wrapping paper and goes and throws it away!  What a good little cleaner!  Hahaha…



She was super excited over her Elmo backpack!



She was extra sweet on her birthday!


Time to break in those play foods!



Feeding her baby herself ice cream!


Oh now she is sharing!


Then off to the playground!  And go figure it was the only cold day of the week.



Nonna showed up to play too!


DSC_0211 DSC_0219

After the playground, Lola requested CFA for some nuggets and sweet tea… Nonna joined us and it was a nice little lunch, but about time to head home because birthday girls still have to take naps! :) Such a nazi mom. I know, I know.

After her nap she wanted chocolate pudding.  Who was I to say no?  Then we made sugar cookies for her class the next day.  Lola seriously likes to bake.






Then Daddy joined us for a quick El Fenix trip requested once again by Lola and then he was off to the Rangers game and Lola and I had girl night on her birthday! 


Daddy gave her a couple of gifts too. (wink, wink)


After dinner, bath and bed as normal- it was such a wonderful day!  So proud to have such a wonderful 2 year old little girl.


The Saturday following, Gram hosted her ABC party- April Birthday Club.  It was Jacey’s, Bailey’s, Gram’s, Lola’s and mine this month!  A lot, huh!?

Gran and Papa came in and unfortunately Jacey was sick and still at school.  But we had a real good time and Lola really liked Sandy’s gift and Gran and Papas singing card!

I have never seen one of these,but Lola loves it.  It’s an elephant that blows out butterflies and you can catch them with a net!

288   289  290  293 

Here’s Lola enjoying her card!


Looks like Lola had a great stretch of a birthday!  Two definitely has it’s bigger meltdowns, but it has some major pros too!  I like this age!  She really reminds me of me sometimes!

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