Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surrendered to Sickness (Revised)

Lola’s last day of school was last Thursday and she very ready to see her friends and teachers.  She was so happy.  I tried to explain that it was her last day and she kept saying “Bye-Bye Teachers!”

Pictures of Lola on the last day of school.  I held back tears all day.  We just love her teachers, friends, and school.

091  090  

Lola’s first day of school and second day of school (second day was red t-shirt day):

043  001 (3)

Isn’t that crazy the difference.  She was just a baby back then.  Now I remember why I was so nervous.  Oh what a difference a school year makes…

Well when I picked her up from school she seemed unusually tired and fussy.  By the time we got home she was falling apart and wanted to be rocked.  We haven’t rocked in months, so I decided to and she went straight to sleep and then the fever hit.  She cried about her ears hurting so we got in to see the doctor the following day. 

  Doctor said it was ear infections and put Lola on a new antibiotic that luckily she had no reaction to, but unluckily it wasn’t helping at all. 

Ever since then we have literally lived in the rocker with Clay being our faithful servant trying to help both of us.  She slept, cried, and ran fever since then. Her fever got as high as 105.5.  Lisa S. really helped me figure out what the best thing to do for Lola was since her son, Blake, had such terrible ear infections.  With no relief, on Wednesday we went back exhausted.   A different doctor in the practice saw her and he suggested we really go ahead and clean out her ears (irrigated them- the water method) so he could really see how infected her ears were.  It was insane and I felt so bad for Lola.  But I will say, immediately after she seemed more comfortable.  One ear still had a bad infection so we went ahead and gave her the Rocephin shot and stayed 30 minutes to ensure there was no reaction and praise the Lord- none.  She slept most of the time in the office once they had checked out her ears.  Only woke up to the prick of the shot and screamed then went back to sleep.  When we got home she slept till 9:15 p.m. then woke up seeming to feel much better.  She ate and played for along time before wanting to go to bed.  This morning she has ran fever and slept a lot but around 11:30 she perked back up- ate, played, colored, finally got a much, much needed bath and is still playing- now with her blocks.  SOOOO finally we seem to be on the road to wellness!  Here’s what our week looked like:

Here’s us after the second doctor appt: See the bloody cotton ball?  The procedure made her ears bleed.  :(  No exaggeration when I say we were literally in this rocker for a week.  She made me stay there even to sleep at night.


She occasionally drifted over to daddy’s lap, but she mainly just wanted him to sit on the couch so she could see him.  Poor Clay he was so bored- and his birthday was Sunday and it just wasn’t much of a birthday. I did manage to make him some homemade Italian soup for dinner and his parents dropped of Maggiano’s for lunch and my mom added a pie to the mix!  :)  I did manage to pull of a great birthday surprise gift for him which made the night more exciting.


I took so many pictures with my phone due to rocking chair boredom.

She is sleeping on me like this. I never seen Lola sleep so much. 


One morning I managed to get her to sleep on the couch without me and I cleaned like a mad women.  It was a great two hour break.


Before she got real bad we took her to get a snow cone to help keep her drinking.  Once she got worse, Clay would just bring them home to the both of us.

029 034

035 037 

Looks pretty miserable huh? 

038  040

But today we finally have some relief!

Awe- clean, soft hair, no smells of throw-up and clothes are stain-free from any medicines.  Nice to see her wanting to play and eat.



Still has weak eyes, but this is a major turn around.  :)


Thanks to family and friends for praying for her!  We look forward to joining the rest of the world soon!

Update: So this was a fluke or something. I figured with this kind of improvement she would be up and running in full swing by this weekend. Nope- today (Friday) was worse than the last day and a half.  I don’t know what is going on.  I did notice her back teeth are coming in so maybe that’s part of the cause.  With every tooth she cut, she ran a fever and slept quite a bit more.  She keeps complaining about the left side of her face (where teeth are coming in) and it’s the right ear with the infection still… so makes me think they are really bothering her.  They don’t seem red or infected, so maybe just painful.  Please keep praying for Lola to return to good health.  Ready to enjoy some outdoors!


Nonna said...

I am so glad she is perky! I have never seen her sleep so much! Ready to play!!!!

Lisa Schoenrock said...

I'm so glad Lola has had a better day. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are such a good little momma. Lola is so lucky to have ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures so we can keep up. I am so sorry she is so sick. I hope today (31st) she is much better!!!
Ear aches are terrible! We are still praying and I have everyone I know that will pray - praying.
On another note, it is hard to believe that she grew up so much in one year! What a precious picture. I need to try to print one of these out for the frame I have for her.
Happy Birthday to Clay!!! He has to come get his present. :)
Love you all, Meme'