Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sister Silliness

It was always so much fun having a little sister seven years younger.  She was my birthday present as she was born just a couple hours before my 7th birthday.  I loved her from the moment she was born.  Needless to say, I raised her.  Haha- just kidding- but mom did a great job making me think I did.  Something I am so grateful about for my mom, because I feel confident in having more children and how to go about teaching them to love each other.  Lord, please don’t let me eat my words there. 

Anyways, I would dress her up all the time and take her pictures. Can you imagine all the film I went through! Haha… Here’s one:


Can you see Kebby in Lola now?  They do resemble each other.

As we got older we would both do photo shoots of each other. 

Apparently, embarrassingly enough, we haven’t outgrown this…


Messing around with manual setting while Kebby dolls up her face…


A little 80’s anyone?  :)



Kebby high on sisterly love… bauhahahahaha.  We opted for fake eyelashes…216


I like the silly ones!



If I do say so myself, I am loving my blonde.  Jennifer Guthrie did a great job and thanks to my mom for paying!  It was so nice and long overdue!  Love blondes.


I love this one of Kebby…


Considering we were on mom’s property- she wanders out to find us.  Does the word wander make her sound like an old lady who is lost… hahaha.  She took over the camera for a minute…



Yep.  Kebby really regretted the eyeliner.  Oh well.  Next time we will dress like Gaga.  Does anyone have a fire crackling bra and undies we can borrow?


Run, Run…

386 397

Here’s my fake eyelashes- now every time I do my mascara I think I can get them looking good- I guess I quickly got use to longer lashes!



My beautiful sis- inside and out…


scroll down for even better laughs…















Laughing all the way through these. We are so gay. Clay is so embarrassed.  He really needed siblings to loosen him up. 



Trying to flip my hair…


Don’t be offended.  And sorry if you are.  It’s tradition Kebby and I always take pictures flipping off the camera! ;) All for fun.


Love this:

“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost .”

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