Saturday, May 14, 2011

Proud as Pete (or as a Mom)

Seriously guys. 

Let me just brag and brag for a moment. 

Lola is amazing. 

I feel like I can take no credit for her transition to diapers to panties. 

It’s all her. 

Lola is just a rock star.

Last weekend she just started using the potty every time and we both quickly realized this was for real- the time is now!  She’d ask for a diaper when she had to go poo-poo, then back to pull-ups when she was done, which pull-ups quickly turned into panties since she never wet them!  Then after a few days becoming a pro, she started using the pottty every time, even pooping on it!  (Which is amazing not having poop diapers in my garage anymore especially with the summer heat!)  Now we nap in panties, go out in errands in them, and wear them all day at home.  Only diapers now are used at bedtime.  She goes potty before bedtime but still isn’t always dry in the morning.  I bought training panties at Hannah Anderson that are sooo super comfy and soft but they have extra lining so we can use those at night time soon.  I hope the box I have of diapers is my last and luckily I bought only nighttime diapers.   

I love walking down the hall and seeing her using the potty by herself.  Cracks me up.  And sometimes while she is handling her business on the potty she tells me to “close er eyes!”  Haha!  She looks so cute in her panties, and I am addicted!  She does get annoyed if you ask her if she needs to go potty more than once or twice- and gives a rude “No!”  So independent.  Glad she is confident in her own potty-ing skills.    Pictures soon. :)

Rearranged Lola’s room a bit, so I need to post pics.  I think she likes it better and it feels cleaner.  I was tired of walking into her room and seeing her kitchen under the window all messy.  She seemed pleased too.  She was a big help making it “prettier.”

    Goodness.  Clay and I love her! (I don’t think Clay realizes how lucky we are with the ease of potty training! Of course, it’s God’s grace since sleeping has been a different issue!  Thank you Lord.  Sincerely, thank you!) 

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