Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aunt Kebby Loves Lola

This bathing suit isn't being served justice with this picture. It's absolutely adorable and has the cutest ruffles across the bottom. It has that real baby pure look to it and still screams sun beauty! Lola is the proud new owner of this swimsuit as well, thanks to her Aunt Kebby. I had a Chick-fil-A shower this weekend! I was real impressed that Kebby picked out the swimsuit, but not surprised when she picked out these adorable, in-style sunglasses to go with it. She is becoming so grown up- I say this because when we went to Janie and Jack at Northpark the other day I almost bought this sun hat that was on clearance and decided to save the $5 it would have cost... YET Kebby, discretely, was watching what I loved, and went back to get it all! What a great sister and sweetheart of an Aunt! Kebby- what a great role model you will be to Lola, and of course friend! Kebby knows I am a sucker for these newborn swimsuits and my entire family doesn't doubt that she will be in them as soon as she is born! She will just love the pool! I registered for Baby Aveeno Sunblock and trust me- it will be needed! I guess six weeks old is too soon for a little tanning oil? Haha... well I have been laying out and although my face doesn't tan as well anymore... my belly is pretty dark. It's pretty funny! Everything, even a 9 month pregnant belly, looks better with a tan!

Well a big thank you to those who came to the CFA shower! It was so much fun and Clay and I were so grateful for the wonderful gifts and clothes we received...

My next post will be about Lola's closet! It's so full! I keep having to go back and buy more hangers! I think I have bought over 70 hangers now, and they are all being used... and people... I have drawers full too! If only I had this many clothes!! I spend an hour today making these cute purple signs that hang by ribbon on silk hangers to categorize the sizes. I was scared with that many clothes some clothes would not get there chance to be worn, because she would grow out of them before I had a chance to get her in it. SO NOW I can hopefully get to each outfit from each size. I have a couple of outfits hanging ready for her to wear... one being a onesie that I had embroidered "My Daddy's Cool" with these cute bright blue pants... socks to match... and of course a bow that matches perfectly and adds the girly touch. It's all in newborn size so I thought Clay could show her off at HPB in that outfit. I know he'll want to take her and everyone there has been so excited for us. They have even given us gifts! Great company and great people!

Well I must get some beauty rest. Admitting I was grumpy tonight, Clay knew it as well, and told me I need to go to bed, but I said that sleep won't fix this now... I am nine months pregnant! LOL! And through this entire post, Lola has been going crazy... her twists and turns, and kicks and punches, are killing me! I feel like I am on the Texas Giant... and I actually don't know how that feels because for the life of me I wouldn't go on it! Lola- you seem to be one healthy, growing baby! Love that! Must be all that Chick-fil-A chicken! (Which FYI: it's got folic acid in it! Pregnant women- eat CFA chicken!)

Talk soon-
Lola's Mom


~Laura~ said...

LOVE the swimsuit! Aubrey will be almost 6 months by the time summer hits and I can't wait to put her in a swim suit with her rolly polly tummy popping out! Little girls are soo much fun! And I know what you mean about all those baby clothes! There have been quite a few things she outgrew before I got good use out of them, so I go through the closet and drawers a couple times a week to make sure I'm getting everything! It sounds like your pregnancy is going very well, I hope the delivery does too- its alot of work! :)

Jillian said...

eeeeek! I get to see you in ONE week! How exciting is that?!?! We have lots to talk about before I get into town, and I would call you now but I know you will just screen my call since Lost is on. I miss you (and Lola) lots and lots!