Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Say Cheese!

My Momma' and me! She looks pretty cute to be a grandmother! :)

Debbie and me at the shower! Thanks for coming Deb!

Lola's Godmother showed up! I had no idea she was even in town! What a great surprise... thanks for the diapers too Stace! Much love~

I am a sucker for all baby shoes!

My favorite cupcakes ever- from Lakeview Bakery!

Thank you to Tamra and Joy for throwing the CFA shower!

My mom and I raced to see who could dress the baby the fastest! I took the title! Sorry mom! Must be all that reading I'm doing on how to dress your baby faster than your mom! ;)

Cute party favors!

I had a great time! It meant a lot to me that my Chick-fil-A friends showed up to support and love on me and Lola! A big thank you to everyone!

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vickie said...

I will remind you that I have a broken wrist. I feel like that had something to do with you beating me but I am sure you are reading how to dress a baby on the