Monday, March 16, 2009


I haven't posted in forever! I have been wanting to put pictures up and post for awhile, but I have a good reason for not. Last week, on one really sad day, my camera finally died. I knew the day was coming and I was hoping to get another year out of it, but it just couldn't hold up anymore. Clay and I know with the big day coming we must have a camera, so we shopped around and got one I am really pleased with... so pictures will be up soon! My mom just got a camera too for her birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) so she'll be ready to take pictures too! Not that anything HUGE is about to happen! LOL! So my next post should have some pictures!

Clay and I were blessed to have a couples shower last week and it was fabulous. So much thanks to those who helped and were there. We really felt loved and enjoyed the time with family and friends. Shout out to Jill- thanks for making it to the shower via airplane! We were thrilled you were there! At the shower we received so many great things we really needed and then some super cute things Lola will love. Gotta' have a good mixture of both! Clay has already put together the swing, bouncer, and pack-n-play (which we will use as a bassinet, because it has a newborn napper built in). I have already washed anything and everything that is Lola related and put it away. You would seriously think she was due last week, but my mom was 4-5 weeks early with all of us and I feel ready everyday, so I just want to have everything clean and ready. I think it will make me feel better when we bring Lola home for the first time. I finally was able to put Lola's bed completely together with the mattress pad and sheet saver and it feels so comfortable. I wanted to crawl in it! I rearranged my den and love it! And I rearranged it so that the baby swing could fit in the mix. I will have to get use to having baby things out. My cleaner side wants everything to have a place so these baby items seem so odd to have out. I'm sure they'll just blend right in once Little Lou arrives.

Well if you're reading this say a little prayer for my family tomorrow, especially Clayton. (my family as in Clay, me, and Lola- hehe) Clay has a second interview tomorrow with a company we feel good about so we hope to hear good news tomorrow! I'll let everyone know if so, because it will definitely be an answer to prayers and pretty good timing on God's part... not that we ever doubted Him...haha.

I have been laying out over the last two days and I am quite a bit darker. The belly bump seems to tan the most... I think it's hilarious seeing such a dark pregnant belly. I have a feeling my doctor may be a little surprised next week that my stomach is so brown! LOL! It makes that line that goes down the middle of your belly (I think most pregnant women get it??) blend in more. I read that it will make it darker, but that's nonsense. It hasn't.

After I lay out my mom and I have been walking a nice little distance. I feel bad because I slow her down so much, but she helps me walk further because we chat. Today we had to pause, because waddling that far isn't easy on this belly of mine. I want to definitely be walking now so when Lola is born I can easily jump into a routine of walking and light workouts. Looks like we are going to be able to take Lola on her first beach vacation this summer, but only six weeks after she is born, which works well for me, because it's huge motivation to slim down, way down. Hopefully I will! Clay and my mom seem to have faith that I will! Clay was joking that Lola has more bathing suits than he does! Which may be true! She'll need them, that's for sure! I bought baby sunscreen yesterday knowing she would need that asap as well!

Well she has the hiccups right now and I need to go blow-dry my hair and get dinner ready for Clay!

I'll post soon and put some pictures up! I need to figure out the new camera!

Much love-

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