Tuesday, March 24, 2009

God is Faithful and Cookies are Good

Do these cookies look familiar? Come on... you know you love them all... and you know it is that time of year, don't ya? I have already bought a few boxes of my absolute favorite- THIN MINTS! Refrigerated!

I am actually tied into these cookies now because... BIG NEWS... Clay was offered a position as a Publication Specialist this week with the Marketing and Communications Department for Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas (GSNETX). We are both really excited and feel God has answered our prayers. I am always so proud of Clay for working so hard to support us and soon our family of three! Way to go to my sweet hubby and I look forward to all the new and exciting changes!!!

By the way, does this mean free Thin Mints for us?? :) Probably not, but they are well worth the $3.50 and it all goes to a great organization. This would be another good poll- which Girl Scout Cookie is your favorite.

And in regards to my latest poll- so many people have sent me their opinions about the sling vs. wrap and I really appreciate it! I haven't made a decision yet, but I am starting to like the idea of both! :) The wrap is winning (only 3 to 0...hahaha) but based on what people say it seems to be tied still!

AND TOMORROW COMPLETES MY NINTH MONTH OF PREGNANCY- headed into the dreaded tenth month now- but that just means I am super, duper close! Yayayaya!

Signing off as a proud wife and anxious mother-to-be. Love you Clay!


~Laura~ said...

oh, I meant to tell you something that may give you some hope, haha, I did lose 12 lbs right off the bat at the hospital!! which was just about half of what I gained! and the rest just fell off in about 3-4 weeks! that's with me not doing any kind of exercise! although, I may be back at my pre-prego weight, I still need to do some toning! its like its all shaped different now?! so, you will probably lose the weight pretty fast, in time for the beach, but you may still be a little "different", that's the best way to put it! :)

Oh, and congrats to the hubby about the job!! very good news!

and thin mints are runner up next to the samoas (sp?) yummy!!

Jillian said...

YAY Clay! We are all so proud of you! Hmmm I'm thinking this just may call for a card....CLAYS VERY OWN CARD! haha!

vickie said...

CLAY....I am so proud of you! I love when we pray a specific prayer and God gives us what we ask him for. I love when it is clear cut. We are so happy for the Swartz fam and if you want to go tie shopping....I am the one!We love all three of you....Now for the cookies, I am sure if you read Nat one is for sure better for you and in sales. RESEARCH THAT AND LET US KNOW...LOL

Charlie & Ginni said...

God is good!! Yay Clay, congratulations!! I love GSC too, my favorite are the samoas (now "caramel delights"). Way to go, we need to celebrate!

Debbie said...

We are so proud and the Girl Scouts are so lucky to have such a smart, talented and all around good guy on their team!! Way to go!!

Jen Smith said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad to hear that he got a job! Your dad mentioned to me this morning that Clay had found something so I just had to come home tonight and find out what it is! I hope he loves it!