Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011!

Lola enjoyed the Fall Festival at her school tonight for Halloween and had a great time!  Nonna and Ba came with us and Lola got candy, played games, and her favorite- jumped in a bounce house! Aubrey and Laura met us up there too which made Lola super excited. 

Here are pictures and still need to get pictures from my mom’s camera because she had some great ones!

(Just a look back- here’s Lola last year and Lola and Aubrey.  Lola was a pumpkin and Elmo!)

  009  132

They look so much younger- I can’t get over it!

101 (2) 

And THIS year! My little monkey!

 009   008


A little family picture in action and then another picture of the baby bump, which I have yet posted.  This is me in my 18th week. 

021 029

Love the second picture below even though it’s blurry-

016    023

Lola was so good at all the games and seemed to enjoy them!  But she loved the bounce house the most by far!

Ba was really good about getting Lola involved in the games!

030 036

043 051

Then Aubrey arrived!





Similar faces-  But why the crazy faces girls?


Lola was quite concerned when Aubrey started crying from the scary costumes-


I told Lola she was scared and to tell Aubrey that it’s okay- So she told her- so cute. But it didn’t help.

088 090

Oh wait- better! (Laura, pretty please e-mail me a good one at the end!)


Thanks for going Nonna and Ba! 

Lola has a bad weekend of sleeping so was really ready for bed.  When we got home around 7 she went in super bipolar, crazy mode.  She was too tired to do anything.  She cried and cried in fear her balloon would pop and finally I got her in bed with a washed face and hands, clean pajamas, and a snack.  She ate, cried, watched Nemo, ate, cried, and watched Nemo.  Finally, passed out playing with my hair.  I pray to Jesus that balloon doesn’t pop overnight.  I felt bad for how tired she was, but glad she is sleeping soundly now.  Praying she sleeps through the night tonight.  Her sleeping has been off for some reason recently.  Not good for a tired Momma and Daddy!

Tomorrow is officially Halloween- but I am thinking tonight might have been the extent of it around here.  Halloween isn’t my favorite, y’alls?  Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas people!  Woohoo!


~Laura~ said...

oh my goodness! our girls did look so young! amazing what a year will do :) Great pic of Clay and Lola, btw!

Anonymous said...

Cutest little monkey ever!! Love her to pieces!! :-) Gram

Anonymous said...

Hello! lol ~ I read through all the blogs and it seemed I was watching an amazing movie of your fantastic family. It was wonderful!!
Lola is a cutie pie and the love from Nonna and Ba shows through! When I do come I am going to teach her to sing 'Ba Ba Black sheep'! :) I need to come because I cannot make sense out of your 'boy/girl' pictures! They say a girl is more active but I am rooting for a boy!! Regardless of what you name him. :) Love you all!! Your Meme'