Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monkey-ing around!

093087I seriously can’t think Lola is any cuter than she is.  Just can’t.  She is hilarious and so darn cute. So the bear costume was too hard to find and Lola quickly came up with her second choice- MONKEY!  I wonder how she came up with these ideas?  So Nonna and her headed to Old Navy to pick up their cute Monkey Costume.  She looks too cute in it and got to sport it early at school since it was Costume Day.  They had a little parade and it was so adorable to see her act like such a big girl. 

My little monkey headed to school this morning!  She was seriously excited and was happy to be wearing her costume!  First time she has loved it on for longer than a minute or two! Shew.

Parents waited in the sanctuary to see the kids parade in by class.  Here comes my Lola!  She seems so big at school!


Thought this picture was kind of funny- her plopped down in the middle trying to figure out why she is sitting there and who are all those people?  She can’t see me yet!  (She kind of looks sad, but didn’t seem sad, just a bit confused!)



She finally sees me and I get a big “heyyyy momma!” and cute wave!  (Heart melts.)


I love seeing Lola at school.  She isn’t always comfortable around a lot of people and especially adults, but is so at home at her school.  She loves her peers and teachers and tells me all about school all the time.  I ask her who her friends are and she always says “Everybody my friends.”  Her teacher told me last week that Lola was sitting at the lunch table telling everyone she was going to be a big sister, that I was having a baby.  How cute is that?  So thankful school worked out again this year.  She seems to really love it.  And I love the school we choose too- it’s great being a smaller setting for Lola and I enjoy everyone there.  We are going to take Lola to their fall festival because I know she will feel right at home and enjoy it!

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Jillian Knutson said...

What an adorable little monkey!! I had to do a double take to notice her Halloween bucket was bananas...too cute! Did you make that?!