Saturday, October 15, 2011

Second Trimester- No honeymoon yet…

I am 15 weeks and 2 days- and still no relief.  Morning sickness comes and goes and still hits harder in the afternoon and evenings.  The mornings I do feel good, I go non-stop to take full advantage and definitely eat now that my appetite has increased some.  This pregnancy feels a million times more different.  And I’ll finish your thought “…that means it’s a boy.”  Well that’s what people keep saying.  Thought Lola was a boy and she is most definitely a girl- so who really knows?? (Besides God and the sonogram technician.) I am carrying more around then all in front- but my stomach still changes a lot, so hard to tell.  I will post a pic and sonogram pic soon- I need that on record.

Definitely less sociable these days and-possibly-a-bit-moody… If I have lunch with you or invite you over, then feel totally loved!  For the record, still love everyone else though-

Totally wishing, praying, and hoping I feel like my old self again soon!  I wrote that about this time in my pregnancy with Lola so I am hoping any day now I feel much better…

Doctor appointment this week and so excited!  I hope the doctor does a sonogram because 1) Get to see my baby of course! and 2) Really am curious to know if my placenta moved to the right spot!!  May go ahead and take Lola- I like her to see doctors are friendly and momma’ likes doctors and hope it helps her feel more comfortable at the hospital as well.  She is just going to love being a big sister…

She talks to the baby and it’s the sweetest thing I have ever heard- it even gets Clay!

Lola will say. “Whatcha doin in there baby?” She will say Baby Lucy (baby name for a girl) and it’s always so weird, because we don’t know.  So I remind her it could be a boy and we will have to think of a boy name! She totally disregards that. 

Well watching the Ranger game and it’s looking good so far-

Gonna get some rest!  Life isn’t slowing down being pregnant… working a bit more than normal. 

Oh P.S. Painted the nursery with a color I totally mixed up from colors I had.  And it’s perfect.  Love it. Have just enough for touch up- thank goodness since I made the color up.  Took me forever because I had to do it in spurts.  

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Jillian Knutson said...

aww I hope you start feeling better! LOVE the name Lucy, it was on our short list with Charlotte and a contender if we ever have another girl. Lola is such a doll and going to be a wonderful big sissy!!