Monday, October 3, 2011

My babies energize me…

They wear me out too but let me explain!

This pregnancy is total different than my first.  I am way more exhausted and feel pretty sick starting after lunch and the rest of the night.  I have the most energy in the morning which is strange.  I have not gained any weight so far. I am 14 weeks. Food, as hungry as I feel, doesn’t go over well.  I absolutely can’t drink carbonated drinks which cut out a lot of calories right off the bat.  I guess that’s good- but I miss them!  I want them so bad!  They make me sick though.  It stinks not feeling well at night because that’s when Clay gets home, so I have been a boring wife.  Poor Clay- but he has been awesome and really good with Lola.  And speaking of Lola- I guess that is one of the reasons I am more tired with this pregnancy.  She literally doesn’t stop talking from the  moment she wakes up till the moment she goes to bed.  Nonna says it’s literally identical to me when I was little.  She is always playing, crafting, and moving.  I absolutely adore it.  I feel like being pregnant with Lola is going to be the hardest part- not once they baby gets here.  I will get that adrenaline boost and feel much better… hoping for that now as well since I am in my second trimester! Not yet… although maybe tonight was a turning point. OH PLEASE LORD- PLEASE! 

So here’s the deal.  Today was super exhausting and by 4:30 this afternoon I wanted nothing more than a hot bath, pajamas, and to get some beauty sleep.  Yea right… hahaha.  So instead of crashing on the couch while Lola plays all around me- I decided to finally open the door to the nursery and get down to a little business. 

And that’s where my point comes in that my babies energize me.

I started on the nursery for the first time doing painstaking prep work, but I felt so energized and warm knowing I was preparing another nursery for another sweet baby Clay and I have made!

Lola was so giddy in the room and excited to help me “clean” the room for the baby and just played and played in the “baby room” while I did crazy things.  The room was overloaded with junk.  Baby girl stuff, toddler stuff, neutral baby items, home décor and furniture and then a huge pile of garage sale items.  So I packed everything up in the right boxes and packed away all the garage sale items and stacked tons of Chick-fil-A boxes in the hallway for my gracious husband to move to the garage… garage sale to happen soon? Then I decided to pop off the damn chair rail that was up in that room.  not a big fan of them anyways, but this one particularly drove me nuts because the room has a wrap around shelf a foot below the ceiling, plantation shutters and the added line around the room was always a bit much.  I had painted it the same color as the wall to try and keep it somewhat hidden.  So I was standing in the room thinking “Maybe I can just pop that off without tearing up the wall!”  Tested a small strip and it worked!  (Disclaimer- last time I decided to pop something off the wall which was shelving- it literally tore the wall to sheds! Oops.) So I did the whole room, praying each piece came off successfully, then got out my handy spackle and fixed a few spots, filled in a hundred (no exaggeration) nail holes- THEN I went around the baseboards and chipped away the layers of paint and caulk so I could sand them down smooth and re-caulk them.  AM I CRAZY?  It had to be done so the little one had a very clean room with pretty baseboards!

Clay just walked in and immediately saw the stacked boxes in the hallway and asked “What in the world is all of that?” :) I told him I did the hard part that he had the easy job of moving them to the garage! :)     

It felt amazing to work on the nursery for the first time today and I look forward to creating a fun space to bring the little one home to and I think Lola will really enjoy making the room pretty with me- I think it’s just one of those ways to help her feel like a proud sister and not a jealous child.  I can’t wait to be a family of four! Woohoo! 

On a Lola note- she keeps telling me she wants to be a bear for Halloween- now where do I find a bear costume?  Haha… That funny girl. 

(Very much a journal entry kind of post- sorry!)

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