Monday, October 17, 2011

Sonogram Pics and Doctor Update



I could know the sex of baby to be… but I DON’T! ;) Hehehe… doctor definitely knows and I did get to see my magical little baby on tv today.  Have FIVE new sonogram pictures thanks to my sweet doctor and couldn’t wait to show Clay and Lola.  They were so excited.  I have been on a high all day- feels like Christmas morning when I get to the doctor and he does a sonogram!  I have had one every time so far!  And will get one next time for sure! Yay! That will mark my half way point!

Two more things to celebrate- 1) My placenta (Patti as my mom calls it) has moved and is no worry anymore! Yayayayay!  2) I have only gained 2 pounds!!  16 weeks and only 2 pounds.  Really happy about that and hope at 20 weeks it isn’t tons more… trying to pace myself and keep the number lower this time.  Healthy but lower.

So here are the pictures:

This was the first sonogram picture at… oh my… 8-9 weeks.

001 (2)

Sonogram at 12 weeks… Baby is looking at me!

001 (3)

At 12 weeks again- he/she was so active!! I kept seeing little arms and legs kicking out and moving everywhere.


16 weeks: Profile

Seeing the baby move on screen is so much different that just seeing a still shot, but both are so wonderful.

002 (4)

16 weeks- baby is looking at me again- looks alien like so I need to fatten this baby up now!  Everything looked great in the sonogram and have my detailed one next time.


Busy week ahead but started on a great note!!!


The Murphree's said...

So it!

Nonna said...

Loved seeing the pictures of this little boy:) This is what I did when you were born! Played like I didn't know! Are you really tricking us and there are 5 of them? Lola already told me there is 2! All kidding aside my bible study was so excited Patti had moved! Love when God answers our prayers! Grateful for the Swartz family, especially Lola :)

Anonymous said...

So happy everything is going well!!! I wish I knew how to look at the sonagram and make sense of it. Does the baby show up white - if so I count so many!! Call me and explain. Your Meme'