Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seriously her cuteness doesn’t stop…

How cute is she?  Her eye that turns in makes me think she looks so much like Nick when he was little because he had a lazy eye!  And of course she favors Aunt Kebby.  I really don’t see much of Clay anymore… Do y’all see Clay?

(Side note: Mom, will you get pictures of us kids at newborn, 2 and then like 4 or 5?  I want to post them!  She really favors Nick and Kebby to me.)


I was wearing a hat to hide my unwashed hair and Lola had to have her hat on too AND then since we were “matching” (one of her new favorite things to notice and say) she wanted to take a picture together!  You gotta’ love your child wants to match you because I know good and well that this will only last so long! Haha!


Lola and I have been baking more!  I think it is something good for us to do together AND with the weather cooling off it just puts me in a baking mood!  I am looking forward to the holidays with Lola so much this year!  Her and Nonna have already been making ornaments! 

Lola loves the chocolate chips and eats them faster than we can mix them in. 



The cookie dough is her favorite part though.  I have to limit how much she has because it causes terrible hives on her face the more she eats it.  Cookie baking and Benadryl go hand-in-hand around here.  And when the cookies are cooling on the counter- every time I turn around Lola has snuck off with another cookie.  She is definitely a clever cookie-snatcher.

So I have been craving my mom’s sugar cookies so she made a fall batch and brought some over to me!  (Thank choo Nonna!) I was so excited and wasn’t very good about sharing them!  But for Lola’s lunch I put a pumpkin sugar cookie in her lunch with a sweet note- so when she got home from school I asked her about it:

Me: Lola, did you get a surprise in your lunch today?

Lola: nope.

Me:  You didn’t get something yummy in your lunch box?

(She suddenly remembers)

Lola: pumpkin sugar cookie!

Me: Wasn’t that nice of your momma to put that in there?

Lola: Nooo, Nonna madeeeeee it!

Me: She made it, but I choose to share it and put it in your lunch.

Lola (Smiling sweetly):  Thank choo momma!! 


Lola before school one day.  Already loaded with energy!  She seems to love school again this year!  She gets to do all the big kid things this year too like field trips (parent attendance required) and chapel!  Oh and notice the teddy bear?  Her favorite cartoon, Cailou, has a teddy bear he calls “Teddy” and now so does Lola.  In fact, she has like 5.  I am not a fan of stuffed animals- especially when she has like 30 already.

 036 046


Being pregnant again, just reminds me how excited I was to meet Lola and have her here with us.  I can’t believe she is two and a half.  Did life really exist without her?  How boring it must have been!  Can’t wait to see her in big sister action!  She is going to L-O-V-E it! 


nonna said...

so cute! I am amazed everyday of her longer sentences! What a joy she is...and thank you Lola for keeping your mom straight on the cookies! I love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your Blog!! She is such a cutie pie and shares so much with you. Natalie, you are a terrific mom just like your mother was. I just sit here smiling thinking about all of you. Love you loads!! Meme'

Gram said...

She is just too too cute!! Love that smile!