Monday, October 24, 2011


Not too long ago, we finally got some rain and it rained and rained all day long!! It seems like every time is has rained it’s been at night and Lola was finally so excited to see the rain!  Her favorite little cartoon right now, Caillou, plays in the rain on one of the episodes so she has just been dying to do the same.  So she quickly saw the rain (pouring actually!) and grabbed her raincoat and boots and headed outside.  And then she stopped.  Wasn’t her thing after all.  She so badly wanted to LOVE it but just couldn’t bring herself to run in the rain.  It was pretty hilarious.  The cutest part of it all was when she saw the rain she ran and got her rain boots out of the closet quickly undressed and put them on and I walked around the corner to the front door and she was standing butt naked at the door with nothing on but her rain boots ready to go outside!  Hilarious…. not for sure why she thought you play in the rain naked!  


Not going much further…

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Well so glad cooler weather is coming- because that means hot chocolate time.  Plus, what pregnant woman doesn’t welcome cooler weather?  Not sure the feeling of cold weather and a cup of hot chocolate can be beat!  I love it!  I have to put all the ingredients in this large container then shake it up!  (Instant Dry Milk, Powdered Sugar, Creamer, and Cocoa!)  I’ll be sharing the wealth, but some winters we go through two batches between myself and family/friends


I have also been in a baking mood!  Again, I think it’s just this time of year and cookies do always sound good right now.  I am on the hunt to find the best chewy sugar recipe and chewy chocolate chip recipe.  My first attempt at both was pretty darn successful! :)




Clay and Lola are loving it too!  I guess everyone is benefiting from this but our scales! Lol-

Lola and I have big plans to make a lot of ornaments for our Christmas trees this year.  Here is one we made, but for Nonna’s tree.  It’s Lola’s hand but we made it to look like Nonna’s sugar cookies, Christmas version! I love it!  We need to start making them now for our tree so we don’t get pooped out!


Well I am fixing dinner and timer just went off.  Ready to eat and lay down for the evening. Exhausted.  Work has been on overload lately… whew.


Carole said...

I want one!!

Sarah said...

I found your blog on a friend's and I love it!! Crafty Mamas unite! Can you please give your hot chocolate recipe? I am dying to try it.