Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Coach Little didn't disappoint, despite a bittersweet lost last Thursday night against University of Texas at Dallas, UTD. A close game until the end with a tie of 72-72 leading into overtime. As a former player for UTD, Coach Little enjoys returning to Dallas, despite one big change. She's on the sidelines coaching instead of being coached. Coach Little was an outstanding player for UTD and now she is setting the bar high for her coaching skills at the the University of Texas at Tyler, UTT.

LOL!! Well- my sis and I had the pleasure of going to see my great friend, Miss Cassi Little coach last Thursday. It was a great game to watch and even went into overtime!

I always knew she would make a great coach, yet I was still so surprised to see her coaching on the sidelines. She looked so "coach-like." She had on a pant suit, stilettos (which probably make her well over 6 feet tall!), and had a clipboard. LOL! She would holler and stand up and encourage and high five. It was quite fun and comical. It was weird though because I went to UTT then went to UTD and graduated from there with Cassi, but now she is coaching for UTT, so it took me most of the game to figure out who I was cheering for. I kept thinking go UTT (for Cassi's sake) but I would catch myself cheering for UTD. It was sooo weird!

I can't believe it's been three years since we were sitting in our education classes being quite the brats. We found the classes lacked any challenge therefore we easily could find ourselves in trouble. We typically sat in the back with our laptops chatting to friends, e-mailing, and checking out the web. We were quite bold back then, although I don't think we have changed much. We typically tried to go the semester without using the required books, so we kept them wrapped. That away when we returned them, we got a lot more money back. I'll never forget, we returned our books before finals because we thought we would get more for them that away and when we showed up to class, EVERYONE was studying out of their books like maniacs! They asked us if we were going to study too and we had to tell them we already returned our wrapped books! So if I recall correctly, we sat in our normal back row with powdered donuts and talked until test time! We did have a great "studying" system that didn't seem to fail us and despite not caring more about our classes, we could be a little competitive when it came to grades! It was entertaining and UTD would have been a bore without Cassi. I miss those days. And to think, I wanted to be done so bad. How easy and great was that! Now she is coaching and I am expecting my first child with my husband! We both could have predicted this! And we love it! The funny thing is, I almost wasn't her friend because she is soooo tall. Tall women scare me. They make me feel 3 feet tall, like a little mouse.

A great classic story is when Cassi showed up at my parents house so we could knock out a project and Kebby answered the door. Cassi was in one of her warm-up suits that happen to be red, white, and blue. My sister answered the door and told her to hold on... she thought she was an Olympic basketball player coming to collect money. HAHAHAHAHA. It was great and we all couldn't stop laughing! My family just isn't use to seeing taller people. We all fall in the five foot range!

Cassi is one of my silent readers and is a dear friend. She is super excited about Lola's arrival! It was really my pleasure being able to watch her coach. I'm very proud of her and know she is making a positive difference daily to each girl. CASSI- KEEP UP THE HARD WORK (and I'll stress hard). Did I mention she is getting her Masters while coaching?? She's one smart girl!

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