Thursday, February 5, 2009

TV Night-

Yes, we are being couch potatoes! Wednesday night is the big Lost night and Thursday nights are loaded with shows I really enjoy watching... (no laughing)

1. Wheel of Fortune
2. Kath and Kim
3. The Office
4. Grey's Anatomy (Although this show seems to be going downhill and has been I still have to watch...)
5. Private Practice (I like this one!)

During the day on Thursdays I gotta' make sure I am productive so I can feel good about being a TV bum that night! So today I got up and got CFA breakfast for Clay and I, did several loads of laundry and put them up! I washed the sheets on the bed, painted a table, redecorated a few areas of the house, went to eat lunch with my grandparents, worked in the afternoon, and few other things here and there! Oh and I dusted! Does anyone actually like to dust? I like how much cleaner things feel, but I just don't like dusting!

Okay- gotta go watch my shows ;)



Anonymous said...

Gee, you like 'Wheel of Fortune' too! I thought just old folks watched it. I remember my mom and dad watching it and now we do almost every night. I keep thinking they are going to pick my name so if you see 'pc-----' can't remember the numbers but I have them written down, call me. So far a 'pc' hasn't come up.
Other than that we watch '24' (or I do) Sports,Fox news and old movies. I'll try some of your shows.
Love you!

Jillian said...

Im not gonna lie, Im WAY more of a Jeopardy girl than Wheel of Fortune. I actually try to watch Jeopardy every night! Ummm and I LOVE Private Practice. Okay that's all for now....PLEASE keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Awww ~ I forgot to mention Papa watches Jeopardy every afternoon, sometimes I get into it. We have something in common Jillian!! with you and Natalie!!

Debbie said...

Grey's anatomy is about to wear me down too! Are Derek and Meredith off or on? How many seasons can they drag it out? :-)