Monday, February 23, 2009


Well- should I blame it on baby brain drain or an Arkansas education? As much as I like to write, my grammar isn't top notch and certainly not my spelling! And I don't like to go back and read what I typed which leaves a lot of room for errors. BUT apparently I have spelled dining room wrong several times... I was putting two "n's" and it's only one. Who knew? Well, Clay did and he made fun of me so I am here to say that it's one of those baby brain drain things! lol! When I taught, the newer thing was not to correct spelling when they were writing because you wanted the kids to focus on writing more than spelling, but I always had mixed emotions about this. If no one told them "there" was spelled t-h-e-r-e and they kept spelling it t-h-e-r then it becomes habit. I get why not to correct the kids but there seems to be a lot of reasons to help them learn to spell too! That is when it's important to know your kids/students because some children it would be appropriate and wanted on their behalf to help them correct it and some it would hold back their writing if they were being corrected on spelling.

I apparently was not corrected... but no worries... my husband doesn't have a problem telling me. :)


meme' said...

Natalie, your stories are so interesting I haven't even noticed your spelling.
You do such an extraordinary,exceptional, phenomenal blog!!!

Debbie said...

I love the new blog look. It's looks like a scrapbook!