Friday, February 20, 2009

Garage Sale Success

This week has been all about rest. I had the pleasure of keeping Kebby for a week while my parents attended the annual CFA Seminar. But last weekend we all did our part to pull off a great garage sale! I was going to wait till March to have one, but since my work ended sooner that I would have liked, I thought I would go ahead and have it. I tried to collect more items in the hopes of making more money! It worked! Despite not having any "big" items to sale, we were proud of what we made and it was worth all the prep of pricing each item, getting tables, signs, etc... My grandmother helped me mark a lot of it which was great! My dad and Clay's dad helped get some tables to us. We definitely needed those. And Ginni gave me her signs for me to recycle and use! 6:30 a.m. came too early for Clay and me and we didn't say much for the first couple of hours while we woke up... yet it was nice to have him involved. Once we woke up we had a lot of fun together and took turns getting breakfast. We found out through customers that a Mesquite Code Enforcer was ripping down our signs we put out so Clay took off on his bicycle to catch her. We had to have signs!! He came back like a wounded little puppy... he wrecked his cute vintage style bike, but the important thing was he had the signs!!! AND he was okay! Kept me tickled for an hour thinking about him wrecking that bicycle. LOL

Well after putting all my energy into painting the dinning room and foyer then getting ready for the garage sale and having it... I needed some rest! I wanted to keep Kebby entertained, but still manage to rest here and there. Tuesday I checked out of the world. I woke up early and cleaned some, then showered and went back to bed by 11 a.m. Didn't budge until American Idol then went right back to bed after a disappointing show. It felt so nice. By Wednesday morning I felt great!

FYI: Next week will be great layout weather! I'm super excited about this!

Okay- my passion for scrapbooking is back! I really enjoyed scraping our wedding book and now I can't wait to scrap about Lola. Lola got me a Hobby Lobby gift card for Valentine's Day, which I have already used, and can't wait to start scrapping! (I'll explain how Lola did this!) I'm hoping that HL has their paper on sale next week, so I can get a few more things! I could have so easily blown all of the garage sale money on scrapbook embellishments, tools, and papers! BUT for the record, I didn't. I snuck $20 though so I could get a few more stickers!

Clay isn't a fan of Valentine's day but he sure pulled off a sweet one this year. Did I write about this already?? Baby brain drain... I don't think I did.... hmmm... let me go check! I don't think I did.

Okay, well for V Day Clay got me my favorite cupcakes from Lakeview Bakery in Rowlett. They are so delicious and I love them! He bought me a dozen, and a dozen cupcakes beats a dozen roses any day of the week. It was such a sweet and unique V Day gift. I thought it was awfully romantic. But that's not all... when he got home from work that night, in Lola's room was a card... hmmm? I opened it and it was a sweet V Day card "from" Lola. She thanked me for carrying her for ten months and gave me a Hobby Lobby GC so I could start scrapbooking all the memories! I cried. Yep, I did. It was so sweet of Clay. I was impressed and emotional. LOL. Clay loved my reaction and was super sweet to me and Lola.

Hobby Lobby's website,, has a sweepstakes every week for a $100 shopping spree. I have been entering it every week... I wonder how many enter in each week? Surely I'll win... I'm pregnant! LOL

I have found these new scrapbook albums I may get. If I do, I'll have to start posting pictures of what I create! I finally got my office put together and cleaned up! It's organized and ready for scrapbooking! My friend Stacy is now getting into it and she is pretty good! I've been impressed because she has never shown much interest in it, but lately she is starting to blossom in her scrapbooking talents. I hope she keeps it up so we can be dorky moms together and have scraping parties! LOL. Did I seriously just write that? (my sister doesn't like to scrapbook...sad)

Well, I am probably rambling, but I feel like I have more to talk about.

Just one more thing... a little pregnancy update! I am in my 32nd week and definitely am counting down till she gets here! I haven't been sleeping well and am waking up much earlier than I ever thought I would. I read that she is sleeping most of the time now, but that doesn't seem to be the case right now. Her wiggles really stand out and become quite uncomfortable, especially around 7 a.m. I feel like she already weighs so much!!! I can't believe she is somewhere around 3 1/2 lb range right now. Kebby enjoyed making fun of my maternity shorts! She said they were "mommy"" shorts, but I am about to be one! They weren't that bad for the record and I was glad to be out of my jeans! I have loved my maternity jeans through the pregnancy but they just are getting too tight now. I went to buy a new pair and couldn't manage to cough up $85 for jeans that would last 2 months max. That's all that is left and maybe only 5 weeks! Agghhhhh!!!! So I am wearing my maternity mommy shorts a lot! It's weird because my belly can sit on my legs some now. It's such a weird feeling and too be honest, I look forward to loosing this baby weight. I'm trying to enjoy it now and love my body so to speak, but when Lola is born, I hope to slim down and tone up. I'm sure Clay will help encourage me. He's been real supportive (except a few comments I let slide) with the whole new "voluptuous" baby body. It's so weird because when I was four months pregnant or so I had some maternity clothes that I thought I would never get big enough to wear. They were so baggy then, but now they are too small! Embarrassing!

Well, my hubby is about to be home, so I'll write more later. I'll have to keep posting belly pics since I am growing so fast, well really Lola is, and pics of my clean office and Kebby's/guest room which I recently moved my sewing station to!

Shout out to Joi... she is a silent reader and I have a feeling she is still tuning in! I wish I got to see you more! I just adore you!

P.S.- I'm watching HGTV and the chandelier they just showed is the same one in my dinning room! I couldn't believe it! It's not the most common chandelier... refer back to my older post for dinning room pictures!

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barbara said...

Yea!!! I found your blog!!! I loved reading and looking at all of the great pictures. You look incredible and all the work that you have done for the nursery is beautiful! I miss seeing you. Please give me a call , I would to spend some time with you before Lola gets here. (by the way I love the name you and Clay have chosen for this little angel of yours)
Much Love,
Barbara :)